Mr. Kevin Au

gocar2 is an online business involves in buy and sell products related to Automobile industry

GoCar2 is a one-stop solution for buying and selling goods such as used cars, parts, parking spaces, license plates, Collection of private cars, motorcycles, vans, parking spaces, license plates, new and old parts, solicitation.


Mr. Kevin Au from Hong Kong, China - a Project Manager at a private concern had a vision of building an online website for used cars in and around Hong Kong. The main goal of the client is to build a system for used cars to bring ease for people to buy or sell a used car.


gocar2 is a platform for people who are interested in buying and selling used cars and automobile accessories. It provides users with more value by availing all the essential features.

Given the ever-escalating competition in a continuously evolving marketplace, to attract new buyers and drive profits it required high performance, rich-functionality solution.


Hitasoft completely build his website with utmost attention. The new website was built using latest technologies, it is mobile responsive and it comes with a custom content management system (CMS) allowing our client to manage and update website content whenever he wants.

We also developed search configurators allowing visitors of the site to customize their search with color, specifications and other elements of their selected vehicle model.

The website also works as an E-Commerce shop allowing users to purchase any Automobile accessories and parts. Users may also customize their products in the cart.

Why he chose us?

Mr.Kevin had his own research using the power of Google he found and choose us to build an online buy sell used cars in the Automobile industry for him.

He also worked on our demo script and tested all the features and functionalities manually by himself. After his complete manual testing of our script he decided to enroll with us.

This is how we were assigned to the project of gocar2 by our client Mr. Kevin.

Development Process

In the course of portal development, the Hitasoft dedicated team ensured ultimate project transparency and seamless communication with the Client. The code base was unit tested to secure the high quality of the crafted code.

Until now, Hitasoft specialists carry on ensuring high system performance and availability. New technologies keep being implemented without delay, to the Customer’s immense satisfaction.


The gocar2 received amazing reviews from clients, with clean, crisp, easy to navigate, and intuitive interface. The new website helped with increase visibility, inspire people to learn more about the company and leave a stronger impression.

Our client, Mr.Kevin, have been totally satisfied with the project’s quality and even recommended us to numerous potential clients.

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