Mr. Omar Shalaby

Person who reached for an online pet business and fled with Pet-E-Commerce Solution

Petsmain is a classified website portal for listing pets for sale, adoption or lost & found. It is like a Pet-E-commerce solution for online Pet Business. Any user who needs a pet may simply just log in to the website and buy one in no matter of time. This website also avails the opportunity to found the lost pets for instance, if anyone lost their pet may found on the website if the founder listed it under the corresponding pet category. Anyone can upload unlimited pets and pet-related products and manage them easily.

Who loves pets?

I suppose the answer to the above question would be mostly Yes, I do.

Of course, Pets are part of our everyday lives and our families. They provide us with companionship but also with emotional support, reduce our stress levels, sense of loneliness and help us to increase our social activities and add to a child's self-esteem and positive emotional development.

Our client loves pets too and that's one of the reasons he started his own business which only concerns about pets.


Mr. Omar Shalaby from Canada who worked in a private concern for the past few years dreamt of starting his own business. And that is when he decided to provide a platform for pets and people who wish to buy and sell pets. This made him involved with us in building the project called petsmain.

It is a platform for people who are interested in buying and owning a pet by themselves. It also allows people who wish to sell their pets online.

Mr. Omar needed a refreshed, website design for his dream of an online store to help provide users with the hassle-free user experience.


Hitasoft helped design a more user-friendly website, including homepage and all solutions pages, category, and product pages with all kinds of pets. One may find any kind of pet through petsmain, which was a clear vision of the client. Throughout the design, Mr. Omar ensured all pages, images, and categories to be functioned in a perfect way and the involvement which he had made our developers to build the platform within 2 months of time period.

Why he chose us?

Initially, Mr. Omar was a little bit worried about believing us due to a minor third party technical error with PayPal happened while he was paying us for the services. This made him a little bit uncomfortable to enroll with us. Then, as one of our representatives explained completely about our organization and business over a video call, he was stunned by our response and support which resulted in the client’s enrollment with us.

This is how we were assigned to the project of petsmain by our client Mr. Omar Shalaby.

Happy Email from the Customer After project delivery:


I promised to get back to you this week regarding the project. I am satisfied with the project and I appreciate all the hard work that your company has put in place regarding my project Petsmain. You have helped me achieve my dreams and my startup which is something I will always remember and will always be an ambassador for you.

Communication (8/10):

Communication was good, however, communication could have been improved if there was a skype call regarding customization, this is to ensure that both the client and the developers understand what is going to be performed during the project. This is also useful to you as a company because it will help you estimate the costs required to develop the project.

Turn around time of reply and feedback (10/10):

Turn around time is amazing. A reply is received typically in less than 24 hours considering that the company is another continent.

Sales Team (10/10):

Very supportive and ensures that the client is satisfied. I loved the sales team the most. Special thanks to Siva and many thanks to Keerthi!

Design (10/10):

I think you guys have the best designer "Jeevan Raj" he is very helpful and very hard worker

Efficiency and speed (10/10):

I believe that Hitasoft (Appkodes) has a really good management in terms of efficiency and speed. I can imagine that the company has a lot of other requests from other clients but you have developed a good rapport with me and was able to keep up the speed with me.

Final Note:

I appreciate all the hard work that you have done so far and I hope to have your support in the future after my support period ends until I am able to hire my own developers.

Thanks and have a great day,

Omar Shalaby Petsmain

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