A Raise of Classified Business While Developing a Platform For Textile Industry

Mr. Mustafa Kaya from Turkey who wants to make a change in the Textile industry, approached us to build a website. He has been running offline textile business called Textile Net, and also would like to explore his business into a classifieds portal.

We have been making stronger connections that drive more lasting healthy change for more businesses from Turkey. Mr. Serkan Kalemciler, Videonuz is one among our most influential customers from Turkey. We worked with him on the most versatile HD FLV player lately.

Still, the most challenging and encouraging customer we have worked so far is Mr. Mustafa. Indeed we needed more time while evaluating his ideas to craft a good fit business product. We have and will be building experiences with our customers by solving their every business problems. First, he inclined to start a portal for all Textile related products and display them like So, we suggested him our best-suited product Fantacy - a complete portrayal of

He took his time to decide either on purchasing the Fantacy script and start his online Fancy like business or to go for other things. He came back to us with his vision and enquired us with a lot of questions about what should be done and what type of customizations required to make this project best possible.

After a long session of inquiries and lots of questions answered he believed in HITASOFT and decided to enroll with us to make this project alive. So, immediately he signed up for the project and we started developing the project with multiple phases. Here, when we provided the client information he needed with proactive support that anticipated his needs based on information collected become the first step which enabled to establish trust with us.

The Trust, which made the client to SignUp for a second project

His dream was really much bigger than our expectations. And the process of development was much challengeable and it took some time to achieve his requirements.

Suddenly, one day he once again came back to us and was enquiring about our best selling product. We have showcased him our best selling product Joysale and he completely examined our product with a demo account. This initiated him an idea to start a classified business for his native town using the Joysale script, while his first project was under development.So to our surprise, he once again purchased the Joysale product from us and suggested us to develop the classified business project. Here the involvement which he had was very much intriguing, as he explained each and every functionality using pdfs, ppts and even free-hand drawings.

Delivering the project

In a very short span of time and within just three phases, the classified project has been successfully completed by our team of developers and was delivered to the client on time. It was a challenge for us to extend the uniqueness and simplicity into the website. We ensured the entire store is easy to navigate between brands and better cataloging on the overall site. Finally, our custom solution made his dream come true and was very much flexible, which can be easily upgraded according to the future business requirements.

Client’s Visit to our Office

By looking upon all these risks and actions taken by us, the client was very much happy, satisfied and decided to meet our team personally. Then one fine day he arrived in India and visited our office here in Madurai. Our team greeted the client with very much pleasure and happiness. The client, Mr.Mustafa he himself thanked each and everyone personally who worked for his project. This made our employees felt very much valued as not much those who thank the developers personally.

A Happy client

Mr.Mustafa was also very much happy about meeting every employee of HITASOFT and he was totally overwhelmed by the welcome ceremony given by us. His trust and relationship with us moved into the next level, which made him chase his vision of creating a marketplace for Textile products. Currently, it's been more than 2 years since the client has enrolled with us and we have completed one project and currently working on the other with fully focused to deliver the client’s need.

Finally, the client’s belief and trust he had on us that we could create him a platform for his online business resulted in starting two kinds of online businesses. It's the Trust and support from client helped us to build success together as a team.

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