Mr. Beslan
Founder of Qpon

Mr. Beslon founder of Qpon, connected with Appkodes and seized the wonderful chance to face the fierce competition successfully in his online business venture

Hello, My name is Beslan, founder of Qpon. Qpon allows investors to benefit from the regular income and relative capital stability of a bond investment.

My idea is to implement the coupon model business. It is about generating revenue while clicking or viewing the advertisement by users.

I searched for the best companies and finally found Appkodes - the product hub of Hitasoft which I found to be the best place to implement my idea for business development.

When I approached Appkodes, they delivered a custom requirement document in a stipulated time and it was as expected. I was very much satisfied with their team and the way they responded to my message. This grabbed my attraction towards them and so I moved on with Appkodes.

I had communication on skype with the Appkodes team. They clearly explained to me the product details, demo and satisfied all my requirements with the product I bought from them.

From that day forward they keep on updating me about my project custom work and there was smooth communication. They completed my coupon based model project successfully and delivered it in a timely manner. My Qpon business now has rapid growth and still now it's running successfully in the industry.

In the meantime, I had an idea about classified business. Appkodes has Joysale product which is a classified script and I went through the Appkodes Joysale document. It met my expectations and I am satisfied with the product. Since Appkodes fulfilled my needs in the Qpon project within a given period of time, I decided to purchase the Appkodes Joysale product from them.

It's been 4 years since I started running the business with the Appkodes. Now, both of my businesses are well developed. We have more users for Qpon and are receiving positive reviews about the product I have purchased.

I bought the product with version v3.0 and now it is updated to v4.2.1. Still I’m communicating with them. There were no issues with my project. In case, any issues occur, those issues will be resolved immediately without any delay. My users are also very happy and enjoying the product. Hence, my business is running smoothly and I’m happy with it.

I thank Appkodes for supporting my business. I’m very much happy with their service and the way they reply to me. All were very good and positive. They bring your ideas into reality. So, I highly recommend Appkodes for your business.

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