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Tibere Pey
App for sportsmen

An innovative idea is been cooking in our lab for the fitness and sports lovers.

Many platforms have always struggled to drive participation and adherence between sportspersons. But then again, they’ve never seen something like this. We have built a motivational environment for sports lovers who thrive with social activities and training. Mr. Tibere came up with this idea and is now being crafted by professionals. It’s simple for a reason and will be in everyone's hands soon.

Mr. Tibere Pey from Prague capital of the Czech Republic, inspired by a very popular social platform wants to provide an interactive social opportunity between Coaches and Sportspersons. Before getting started with this idea, he was looking after his family business for past 10+ years. As the business doesn’t generate the expected revenue. He decided to work on his dream and reached us to develop the project.

Discussion before Enrollment :

When the client approached us with the challenge of building the Youkoach app, we knew we were in for a different kind of challenge. The client felt that it would be easy to discuss his perspective on the design and requested our team a meetup with the designing head.

Client Meeting at Ko Samui island

After his proposal for a meetup. Our CEO and the UI/UX head decided to meet him up to discuss the project at Ko Samui island, Thailand where the customer came for his vacation. This trip was completely arranged and sponsored by the client himself as he comes from the Czech Republic and it was too hard and expensive to get to Czech or the other way. So, he selected Ko Samui island to visit and discuss the project.

Moment of Signup

After discussing all the suggestions with the client for 10 days at Ko Samui island, our team headed back to India and started working on the design of the Youkoach project. In the next few days, we provided a prototype for his ideas, enhanced it and sent it to the client.This was the moment where the client Trusted us to the core and signed up for the product by making an initial payment.

One more visit with the client at Thailand

After the project was officially ON. Our design team was working on the visual challenges and the technical team started working on creating API’s. In the meantime, the client requested our team to visit Thailand once more. But this time it was with our Product development head to discuss the Technologies and Functionalities.So, our team once again reached Thailand to know the needs of the client. This time the meeting was short from the previous meeting but more important than that. Because all the pieces of information related to the technology or functionality or the flow were discussed in depth. Our team collected all the client’s suggestion and headed back to India and resumed the project.

Client’s Arrival at our Office

One fine day, the Client of YouKoach Mr.Tibere Pey Citizen of the Czech Republic reached India and visited our office at Madurai. Our whole team greeted the client with much enthusiasm and the client himself was very much excited while meeting our team.After getting to know our team. A meeting was held at our office regarding the issues faced by our teams in the project. A long meeting with the people who worked for the project from the different teams was held and every issue has been discussed accordingly.

A Happy client

With more choices of Input for the client to decide, the best-suited solution was selected and our team started working on it. The client was very much happy to see the issues are being fixed and his project is been crafted well with our team of developers.

Finally, the meeting was ended with solutions to all the issues and worthwhile. The client asked our team to keep up our good work and promised us that our work will be valuable someday. He finally took off from our office and currently it's been nearly a year and our team was working on the project consistently to deliver the client’s need.

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