Yusuf Salad

Classified Platform Development for Online Buy Sell Business

Beeciye is a classified business that helps users to buy and sell used goods, manage repeat customers purchases and build sustainable business practices. The ultimate goal of Beeciye is to use technology for simplifying best practices to trade products online easy and profitable. Apart from the free Android and iOS apps, the Beeciye is also available as a website. Users just need to choose the platform they like (iOS or Android), swap goods of their wish.

Mr. Yusuf Salad is the client to this project who lives in Somalia is working as a business executive in a company called Hormudd. Hormuud Telecommunication is one of the leading telecommunication service providers in Somalia. Hormuud lead Somalia’s telecommunication industry with their state-of-the-art services, which include Mobile service (GSM), landlines and mobile linked internet services. They cover Southern and Central regions of Somalia and cater to people’s needs of communication.

Hormudd Telecom company planned to build a business like So, Mr. Yusuf Salad approached us on behalf of the Hormudd company to build a website for the purpose of buy and sell used goods.

Delegate From Hormudd

After enquiring about the classified business he wished to start on. As per his pre-intimation, the client came to our office all the way from Somalia with his Colleague and visited us here in India at our office. Team Hitasoft greeted him in the Traditional way which generally we used to. He was very much delighted to meet our team.

We had a meeting with the client and discussed his requirements completely. He was very much impressed with our work style and also he enquired about one of our another product Fantacy during the meeting.

He Planned to purchase one product but he purchased two different products

After the meeting for project discussions and plans got completed. The client immediately purchased two products from our company. Happy with our services, the client wished to start another business and so he bought two different products Joysale and Fantacy from us to start two different businesses. It was a great moment for our Sales team on making two sales numbers on a single day.

The client was very much satisfied with the meeting and purchased two different products from us. He suggested our team to work on the classified project and informed us that we will be developing the Fantacy project after the completion of Joysale.

Challenges Faced

Our Joysale script supported users to upload any image files for the products to a maximum of 2 MB. This caused the performance of the website. So, as per the client’s request, we optimized the image size into 20 KBs for both the Web and Mobile Apps.

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