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Hello, my name is Mustafa KAYA I'm the Cofounder of butikmerkezi. We are an e-commerce company based in Turkey.

After we had decided to establish a C2C system, we researched a lot of company and tested so many products and script, also we worked some of them but haven’t had a success. Because the main problem was we were getting our services such as web development, mobile application, graphic design in separate companies and the process was not going on as we expected. When you work with different companies in one project, it’s too hard to manage the project.

Cause basically you need a database, web design, mobile application provider or more expert staff in your team to going well or you must decide to work with a company that can provide them with all in one solution.

Their staff is always very responsive and very professional they are creative about solving problems - and we have had a great experience with them.

Mustafa KAYA

How we found the right skilled team in our business?

Then we researched again for supplier company, compared companies, and products about product quality, cost, and their team so that we decided to work with HITASOFT. We also decided on one of their scripts, but the script was not enough for our all demands. So we needed some customization on it. When working on the script, their sales and developer team; they offered some customization solutions and creative ideas, then we decided together with our SOW and started.

HITASOFT has a really good team and basic Project Management System that you can check every milestone during the developing process and work together as a team.

During the process of the project, everything went according to our statement and timeline. They completed our project on time and exactly how we wanted. And we will be talking to start the second project with them soon.

Why do we recommend HITASOFT?

Today mostly our visitors coming from the mobile side that's why mobile apps are so important for us.

Firstly, we decide HİTASOFT because their mobile application is excellent at the performance User Interface (UI) User Experience (UX) and working fast and stable.

Secondly, they have a big team and satisfy all your requirement about all developmental issues web software, database, mobile app development, graphic designer and security side.

You have to communicate your expectation and start collaborating with their team, it is that simple

It is wonderful so you don't need anything and anyone else for even small problems you don't waste time organizing separate company and teams. This is also important for startup companies because while you are developing a project, you have to solve some issues yourself. But if you have the provider company with a big team, you have all specialities. You can be sure about solutions with HITASOFT.

Their staff is always very responsive and very professional they are creative about solving problems - and we have had a great experience with them. Furthermore, development and product costs are very appropriate for their quality and service.

We worked our project on the web and completed, but also I visited them in India it's so important to meet the team which you cooperate. They have the big team and all of them are so kind, helpful and professional.

We highly recommend HITASOFT. Thanks for your cooperation.

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