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How to configure language for the website?

To configure language for the website, access the file in the following path “app/webroot/language_settings.json”. Over there you will see the statements as below


“settings”: {

“default”: “eng”,

“total”: “3”,

“multilingual”: “yes”


“languages”: {

“English”: “eng”,

“French”: “fra”,

“Deutch”: “deu”



Currently the product have three languages as English, French, Dutch. As you seen in the above statement it has two blocks, one is to define the settings and the another one to specify the languages in the site. Lets have a look, one by one

The default keyword is used to set the default language for the website, the value for this keyword is the language file folder name (Which will be a three letter word as per the international standards).

The total keyword is used to set the total number of languages in the site.

The multilingual keyword will accept two values as yes or no (case sensitive), if it is set to yes then multilingual option will be enabled in the site, if it is set ‘no’ to  the option it will not show  in the site and you will not see any language option in the website.

The language block contains all the available languages to be shown in the websites multilingual menu. The left side “English” is the label to be shown in the menu, right side “eng” is the folder name of the language (If folder name is misspelled or not configured correctly the language will not reflect in the site. some times this  may cause error).