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How to create IDs with Social Networks?

Social Login:

Facebook Id creation :

  •  Go to developer console : https://developers.facebook.com/apps/
  •  Create new app id with you app name under android platform.
  • You need to add your app package and class (Login Activity) name and click next. refer the below image.12
  • You have to add skeyhah.Please get the key hash from our team.
  • And select ‘Yes’ to make your app to public. pls refer below image.14
  • After successfull creation share your app id from Dashboard.

GooglePlus :

  • Go to developer console : https://code.google.com/apis/console/
  • On the left, under APIs & auth section, click on APIs and on the right enable Google+ API service.
  • Now again on the left, click on Credentials and on the right, click on CREATE NEW CLIENT ID button. It will open a popup to configure a new client id.
  • In the popup, select Installed application as Application type.
  • Under Installed application type section select Android and give your project package name.
  • You have to add SHA fingerprint .pls get from our team.
  • Enable Deep Linking and click on Create Client ID button.
  • Fill the Details in Consent Screen.

Twitter key creation:

  • Go to https://dev.twitter.com/apps and register new application. Fill application name, description and website.
  • Give some dummy url in the callback url field to make the app as browser app.
  • Select your application access type as Read,Write and Access direct message.
  • Share your Consumer Key & Consumer Secret key.