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How to manage the disputes?

The Dispute management is one of the sections to manage the disputes. This section can be managed by the status of the disputes.The Status of disputes are as follows,

Active Dispute: This section deals,In which the buyer creates a dispute, it will be stored in the active dispute based on the recent converstion.

Inactive Dispute:  This section deals with the dispute status of reopened disputes. And also based on the older conversation of the buyers and sellers.

Processing Dispute: This section has the disputes which are in the status of processing which can be modified by the admin.

Closed Dispute: This section has the disputes which are in closed status which is modified by the admin.

Resolved Dispute: This section manages the list of disputes which is in the resolved status.This can be also resolved by the admin.

Cancel Dispute: This section manages with the dispute which is in the status of cancelling.If the buyer cancel the dispute for the product or an item it will be stored under the Cancel Disputes.Admin can able to change this status of dispute.