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How to handle a page that ends up blank, without any error or warning of an issue?

If the server doesn’t redirects after login and displays an empty page, without any warning or an error prompt though the core is enabled,


  • Just paste the below code at the function or action where the page is broken
  • For instance if the empty page is shown at the url http://fantacyscript.com/login
  • Then paste this code at the beginning of the login action

if (headers_sent($file, $line)) {

exit(‘headers were already sent in file: ‘ . $file . ‘, line number: ‘ . $line);


  • It will show the file location and the line no. where the white space is misplaced
  • just check for white spaces in the line at the file and delete the white space.


If the issue occurs while signup or login. To resolve this, try with the solution 1.If that too  didn’t works, once again check the SMTP option in admin panel is enabled. By disabling the SMTP option, it may get solved.