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What are the steps to adding an extra  languages to the website?

To add a language to the website other than the default three language, follow the steps as mentioned below:

  • Find the folder Locale inside the app folder (path – app/Locale).
  • In there you can see the predefined three language folders, just copy any of the folder other than the “eng” folder.
  • Paste the copied folder and rename it to the language you preferred. Make sure the folder name is three characters.
  • Now open the folder you renamed, there will be a folder named “LC_MESSAGES” open that folder too, and finally you will see the “default.po” file.
  • Open that default.po file, you will see a long set of block as

             msgid “Copyright Policy”

                  msgstr “Politique de copyright”

The msgid is the English word in the website, just replace the msgstr with the appropriate word in your language for that English word.

  • After updating all the words, configure the language settings.