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What’s Group Gift and How it works?

Group Gift is One of the Feature which is to gift their friend by the group of user.

  • User can choose any product and create a group gift by clicking the “Create group gift” button in the Product page.
  • There is a wizard which will help the user to create the group gift. The wizard will ask the user to enter the reciepient’s address and other details.
  • The next step to the same wizard will have the details of the gift. There user can enter the title and description of the group gift and what’s special. This information will be sent to all the contributor invitations.
  • In the same page, you can leave notes to the seller.
  • The last page of the wizard is the summary. From this page you can start sharing this group gift in social networks to get more contributions.
  • Anyone can see what is the current contribution level and how much pending to make the gift successful.
  • Once the contribution is over, seller will be notified and start shipping the product to the reciepient person.
  • All the group gifts created and invited can be viewed under user’s account. There will be an option “Group Gift List” in the user setting menu.
  • If any group gift is not successful on contribution, the fund will be refunded to all the users as points which will be added to the credits of any user. This credits can be used for any purchase.