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What’s Site Management and how to Manage?

Site Management is managing the site by adding the name of site, title for the site, footer content, Style of Profile Image,etc., The Site Management pages will be appears by clicking the Site Management option in the Admin panel.The Site Management is the place to change the Name of the site and its Title.

Affiliate System: By enabling the Affiliate system, you can share the products from the other site.

Profile Image Style: There are two option such as Square and Round Which is used to set the style of the Profile Image in the Users Profile.

Welcome Email: By Enabling this, the User can get the Welcome Mail by verifying the link as Sign Up Activation Mail. If You disable this, the User can’t get the Welcome Mail.

Sign Up Active: The User can get the Email after the signup by enabling the Sign Up Activation.It is like a verification mail to confirm the account signed Up by the user. If you disable this, any user can get approval without verification.

Logos: It is to change the site’s logo, logo icon, favicon, default users profile image, Like button logo.

Credits: Enter the Credit amount to be credited for the users.User is credited by the amount for the one who logged in by invite friends function. and when the logged in user purchase some products in our site.