Smartphones and tablets are now the vast used medium for any type of tasks and activities, Its gives incredible access to the users to access any type of services. And now technology is no more a luxury, but an essential tools to improvise their online business performance and providing a convenience in your products and services. Now the usage of smartphones are into peak with usage of mobile apps from internet browsing, banking in online, engaging in social media to shopping. People now preferring mobile apps to get connected with the products and services.

People nowadays spending more time on their mobile devices equivalent to the invention of new apps to the market. Many studies have proven that around 12% growth is achieved in the usage of commerce and shopping based applications.

Mcommerce is getting prominent to eCommerce, its been utilized more and more. And by now itself the popularity and traffic from mobile devices are approaching equal to the pc traffic. Globally it’s expected to grow $626 billion through mobile and around $31 billion in US by 2016.

Many smartphone users are using their mobile devices for online shopping right now. 36% of the people using it to search for the product information. 27% used to find information about the stores and 25% used apps to read reviews.

Today many business utilizes eCommerce in greater extent, whether it may be accepting orders online or marketing through email or social networking. eCommerce makes it faster and easier to reach the consumers. mcommerce brings the highest level of convenience as user may not have their computers with them all the time. But in mobile devices, that will available with them all the time. So they can get access to any type of applications to get the info whatever they require and they can shop at any location with their mobile devices.

Etailers are now much smarter by sending notifications direct to their mobile apps as push notifications as the probability is high in viewing the particular notification which in turn may result in good number of sales. People between the ages 18 and 30 are the most frequent mobile users to shop online. 61% of the people told that they would get into alternate option when they find website is not mobile friendly while they access.

As mCommerce brings the greater level of convenience and new dimension for the entrepreneurs in business sales method of 24*7 to make purchase on any time on any location. Its really been trusted that mcommerce is the next generation of customer’s experience to be quicker, accessible and to get connected instantly.