online marketplace script is opted with advanced features & multi vendor systems. A customization PHP eCommerce script, delivers a favorable transaction and new trend of shopping experience turns every user into customer. online marketplace script is the place to discover, collect and buy from a crowd-curated catalog of amazing goods, wonderful places and great stores.

online marketplace script has heavily influenced the eCommerce platform with the power of social media taking it to the next level called social commerce. Fancy is similar to pinterest where users can discover, collect and buy from a crowd curated catalog of amazing goods, wonderful places and great stores. The major factor that differentiates online marketplace script from pinterest, Fancy is vendor-to-consumer setup. Users can setup their virtual store and sell products directly inside It helps users to sell their products in a seamless manner and makes the shopping experience fun. The Fancy offers users to shop, sell, buy and save all on one website.

online marketplace scriptSetup your own Marketplace using online marketplace script

online marketplace script is a successful business model on the web and can be easily replicated on any niche to create an amazing and innovative marketplace. All you need is a online marketplace script to get your niche marketplace up and running instantly.

Here are Ecommerce Mix, we have developed a Fancy clone script with lot of viral features built in. Along with the viral features, the social features help in easily spreading the word. It’s all-in-all a social network happening inside an Ecommerce store creating the perfect shopping experience .

What online marketplace script offers?

You can setup your own end to end buy-sell marketplace with our script. You can get Sellers to open stores inside your site and get buyers to buy from the various stores opened in your site – Just that this marketplace script is cutting edge and innovative with tons of features to create an amazing marketplace.

online marketplace script Features :

1.Perfect social commerce marketplace script like fancy

  1. Responsive admin panel
  2. Build for performance – engineered it with solid performance boosters.
  3. Powerful email management
  4. Incredible social features
  5. Crisp payment process
  6. Attractive filters and search function
  7. Gift box – Gift cards and coupons.
  8. Native mobile app (iOS /Android) for each seller opening store in your marketplace

Advantages of Owning online marketplace script Features :

  • Flexible online stores helps an entrepreneur to showcase his/her products in a compact window with categories and subcategories. But in case of brick and mortar system you need to afford a big warehouse and space to exhibit your products.
  • Advertising your website through online is too much cool with vast available free sources like blog, ads correlates to your business can serve the potential reader and leads towards your site. Social media the giant for promotions. Facebook, twitter, google+,pinterest,LinkedIn and Instagram will help you a lot for web traffic and good customers at times.
  • Outreach of your popular shop in your location to worldwide can be preceded with an online shopping website, with this flocks of people could be your customer internationally impressed with your great products and services.  
  • The visibility of your store will be much in online as you can find many free sources to promote your website. And if your website is standard for sure your promotions will elevates your business to greater level. The best instance i would say for this would be the amazon and eBay.
  • 24×7 support and availability will be the best part in an online marketplace. Getting in touch with the user queries and resolving them prior will be very much appreciative. This lets you the possibility to serve better and the loyal customer can refer their friends of friends too. This would be the strongest base for any successful online business
  • With online shopping cart you can track the data of visitors and target the specific loyal customer to serve better with incentives,offers and deals to maintain your website’s stability in cro.
  • Automated marketing tool will play the big role in times of big occasion deals. With the usual brick and mortar system we need to prefer paper bills, leaflets and paper ads with that too we can serve only the customers nearer to your location. But when the same store turns to online people from any corner of the can access your online store through the top rated online marketing tools available for eCommerce.
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