Group Gift

A user can put a smile on his/her loved one’s face with this group gift option. With this exciting feature, many users can pool amount together and can send gifts to their friends. Group gift option serves as an excellent opportunity for friends, family members, colleagues, etc. to join together online and contribute money to send any desired product as a gift to the recipient that will be cherished by them.


Gift Card

The gift card is a blissful choice for all the buyers on an ecommerce platform. Users can buy gift cards and can then surprise their dear ones on any special occasions by sending those unique gift cards. With the personalized gift cards, recipients will be given full freedom to purchase items as per their choice to have as a gift. Users are also allowed to add pictures, include some personal notes, etc. to convey their message in a better way to the recipients.


Daily Deal

Want to keep your customers notified with interesting deal of the day? Then, make use of this fascinating feature. Kindle interest among the users and influence them to purchase the products by offering attractive daily deals. Merchants can make their daily deals look beneficial and impressive to grab more eyeballs within a short span of time and thereby driving their sales up.



Entice users to make their purchase from your online marketplace and convert them as your regular customers by offering coupons. This will reduce churn rate, shopping cart abandonment and improve conversion rate. Sellers can offer Category-based coupons, coupons for a specific item or product (Item coupons), and Cart coupons (coupons on customer’s shopping cart).



This addon provides an opportunity for the site owners to enlarge their business to many regions. Opting to provide multi-language at your website will attract users from a different region to view your website in their native language, resulting in more users.

Seller App

Seller App add-on is a quick and easy way for the sellers which allows every seller using the fantacy – fancy clone script to manage all his products, recent orders, messages etc. efficiently by using the app instead using the web version. The Admins may integrate this add-on with the script and avail the app to sellers on his own wish.



Re-branding is the creation of a new look and feel for an established solution. It provides a new color of your choice for the existing theme to your website.

Rebranding For Website And Mobile Application involves:

  1. Logo design (Pick one from the given four designs)
  2. FavIcon design for web
  3. Color changes web and apps (Ex- Green – Red, Green- Blue, etc)
  4. AppIcon design
  5. Splash screen design for apps

Professional Installation

Professional Installation service will be included for both server and web installation. Here we will install the script in the given server within 7 working days for DigitalOcean or AWS. Other than this server it may take more than 7 working days.

Professional Installation will cover

  1. Instance (or) droplet creation (Not applicable for dedicated servers)
  2. Application Installation (Apache or nginx, MySQL and all the necessary applications)
  3. Firewall Installation
  4. DNS Configurations / Domain name configurations
  5. SMTP Configurations
  6. EMAIL Generation with Zoho Email (5 free email address)
  7. Social Login Apps Creation and Configurations