13 Jul 2018 on · 1 min read


Appkodes Fantacy allows sellers to create profiles along with their product listings. Each and every buyer on the platform can follow the seller of their choice to view and shop products offered by those sellers.

Finding Friends

Users can find and follow other people with similar interests on the products through this finding friends feature of our Alibaba clone script.

Live feeds

With the live feeds feature of fancy clone script, users can exactly know the new arrivals, updates, latest activities on the platform and recent posts from their followers.

Create Feeds

Users can now create and share posts regarding products or what’s in their minds currently in the feeds section. The users’ posts in the feeds section can be viewed by their followers.


Buyers will be notified then and there with instant alerts regarding the newly arrived products, the status of their orders, and also about many other interesting happenings on the platform.

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