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13 Jul 2018 on · 1 min read


Quicken the shopping process, diminish the language barrier, and discover your additional way for extra income.


AWS S3 Bucket Integration

Integrating Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) into the app allows customers to store, organize and retrieve any amount of data. With its best-in-class and unmatchable security and access management features, you can secure your data from unauthorized access.



Make use of watermarks in your uploaded images in order to give maximum protection. Go for watermarked images in your platform to ensure that the specific image cannot be copied or used without the consent.


Mobile login with OTP

A convenient and secure way for the users to register and login easily to the platform using their mobile numbers along with OTP verification. Fake registrations and orders can be eliminated on the website with the strong authentication process.


Google recaptcha

Secure your platform from spam and other offensive activities and gain customer loyalty by incorporating state-of-the-art Google recaptcha technology. Avoid malicious traffic on your website and enhance site performance with this advanced security solution.


Informative videos

Make your product stand out from the crowd with an engaging explainer video in your application. Explain your product to your target customers and enhance the popularity of your product. Take a quick look at a sample of explainer video.

Seller App

Seller App add-on is a quick and easy way for the sellers which allows every seller using the fantacy – fancy clone script to manage all his products, recent orders, messages etc. efficiently by using the app instead using the web version. The Admins may integrate this add-on with the script and avail the app to sellers on his own wish.

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  • addon6
  • addon7

You will be charged only for the integration of Addons in your platform. In some cases, extra third party pricing may be applied.