• Addons

    | Jul 13, 2018


    Quicken the shopping process, diminish the language barrier, and discover your additional way for extra income.

    Seller App

    Seller App add-on is a quick and easy way for the sellers which allows every seller using the fantacy – fancy clone script to manage all his products, recent orders, messages etc. efficiently by using the app instead using the web version. The Admins may integrate this add-on with the script and avail the app to sellers on his own wish.

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    • addon7

    Additional Customization

    We enable customers to personalize their own product at the moment of purchase which results in improving product loyalty.


    Payment for script

    We have Paypal as a payment gateway to purchase in the script and native apps but we can integrate any gateway of your choice.



    Themes Customization

    We can customize an attractive theme and user interface for your native mobile apps and web, to match your requirements


    Customization Solution

    We’re consistently offering customization solutions to include the touchpoints of tomorrow, deploying new technologies to help brands engage strategically with customers.