Things to consider when you choose a fashion ecommerce script

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4 min read

Building customer trust is something that is regularly disregarded by the most of the fashion  ecommerce scripts providers. For any newly launched fashion ecommerce system, the following factors are the primary factors to give great trust to your new visitors.

fashion ecommerce script

Fabulous products in the home page to keep your buyers engaged.

This is where you can bring the best differences between other online fashion ecommerce stores and yours. The BEST products should come first in your landing page.

The best products with the better price is another thing where your buyers will be interested. To engage them in a better way, the system should have a wishlist to add, share just not for fun but for earning too, likes to show interest.


There are many other way we can engage the users to become a potential buyers of your fashion products. So, the fashion ecommerce script should bring all these options in initial stage itself.

Customisable product listing is next trend in fashion eCommerce

Don’t let your buyers got bored in your fashion store. The best way to keep them coming back is giving them the option to see the product listings personalised based on their fits.

The current fashion stores miss one thing in common.It fails to store the buyers preferences. Buyer may like a top or shirt in your product listing and it may disappoint them later when they found their product is not available for their fit.

fashion ecommerce script

Giving personalised product listing is not big deal for a fashion ecommerce script. It’s all about getting their gender, size of the tops, trousers etc and finally selecting their best fit.

Other trending features to interact buyers and boosting the sales

Make sure the fashion ecommerce script you choose would have some advanced social features. Social interaction will do the most of the WOMM marketing of your fashion store. The two important feature that any fashion ecommerce script should have are,

Attractive categories for all ages:

To increase the general audience base, the fashion store should cover all most all the most fashion categories of all the ages. Starts from kids, teens, adults or old ages. It should also come for a dynamic category for occasional fashions too.

Buyers review with the selfie:

Going social is very common with youngsters now. If the fashion store allows the social interaction when they make orders, and allow them to take selfies with their just bought fashions will make products go viral.

fashion ecommerce script

Keep Your Website Professional and Stylish

You most likely wouldn’t work together in a store that wasn’t spotless, sorted out, and professional looking. Neither will online customers.

Ensure that your site looks perfect, professional, stacks rapidly, and is easy to explore. Completely build up your contact page with physical locations and dynamic telephone numbers.

fashion ecommerce script

That will tell your customers that you are a “genuine” business.

Other important features to engage your buyers

To conclude the list of features that any fashion ecommerce script should have, here is the final list of features.

Facebook live social live feeds:

As I’ve been telling that the social ways are the growth hacking factors of promoting any basic online stores, having a ecommerce oriented live feeds (like what amazon has as “spark”) in your fashion store would be an added advantage too.

Daily deals:

Everyday update from any fashion store would insists their users to come back everyday. Daily deals with selected products and the great discounts for them would keep the buyers to come back everyday.

Notifications & Messages:

Communication between the seller and buyer is necessary for any commerce system and so fashion industry is not an exceptional. Pushing the notification to the mobile users is another way to bring your mobile users back to you app everyday.

fashion ecommerce script

To conclude, building a fashion ecommerce store could be a dream of many entrepreneurs who runs a physical fashion stores. Technical challenges, time frames and of course the cost of development would be a nightmare. Apart from this finding the right developers or agency is the next difficulty that they may encounter. We at AppKodes make this happens in no time with the best cost and time. To get more details about how this can be worked out, contact us.

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