Tinder Clone Script helps in meeting new buddies with potential dates, but there will be a set of premium features that will make a users profile stand out among the other profiles.

  • User log in through Facebook. We get user’s basic details from Facebook. You can request in Facebook developers website to get more details about user.
  • User goes to Tinder Clone Script home page where he sees nearby people. And like Tinder he can choose to either pass or like people.
  • User can change his discovery settings in Tinder Clone Script under the setting section of the app. He can choose distance, gender and age of perspective match.
  • Once user likes a profile and the other user likes back his profile, both will get a push notification of the match. And they can see each other under matches tab like Tinder Clone Script.
  • Matched users can send private message to each other. Unlike Tinder, here user can send photos inside chat.
  • We have brought Tinder’s moment feature. Using this feature Use can broadcast photos to all matches.
  • Receiving users will see the moments on top of the match screen same like Tinder. User can choose to like the moments which the sending user can see the count of likes.

Graph Database Like Facebook or Linked In

  • Using our powerful graph database in Tinder Clone Script can show users how they are connected in the app.
  • User A can see how he is connected to user B in Facebook. He can see which friends of friend know that person in Facebook.
  • Up to 4th level of Facebook friends can be traced.
  • So user can choose who in his friends circle or friend;s friend circle can introduce to the perspective match.

Admin Panel With Full Control

  • Tinder Clone Script comes with powerful admin panel with lots of features. Admin can match who ever he wants.
  • Admin can see if user A liked user B and user B still not opened the app to like back user A. So admin can match both manually. This is important for viral growth.
  • Admin can view all users and choose to delete anybody who spams the system.
  • Admin can send promotional offers to either all users or individual users.
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