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Add product user limitation ?


Impose limits on the number of product listings that can be posted by users in apps and websites. This, in turn, will boost the revenue generation of the Admin with more number of users subscribing to any package to post multiple product listings.

How it works:

1. Every new user will be allowed to post a certain number of product listings at free of cost. Once the product listings reach the limit of free posts, then he/she should subscribe to any plan to list the products further

2. The number of free posts allowed and package details will be managed in the admin panel.

3. Users can view their expired and current subscription plan details, status and the number of free listings left out on their profile page.

4. In the “Add product” section, when the remaining listing count is zero, the user can also see a “Subscribe” option under his/her profile image.

5. Subscription plans consist of the number of product postings allowed along with the price details. Once the user starts to post the listings, the number will be deducted from his/her total balance count automatically. Again, the user needs to subscribe to a package when the maximum number of allowed listings for that package is reached.


There are no restrictions for editing the listings that were posted already. Even if the user deletes any posted listings, there will be no change in the balance count.