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Live streaming ?


Engage users and reinforce the bond with them by streaming top-notch live videos in your app. With just a single click, broadcast live videos perfectly without any technical glitches. Thereby, capture the attention of millions of users.

How it works:

1. Users can see two segments in this Addon. One section is to stream live videos and the other one is to view the videos that were broadcasted

2. To stream live videos, users can give the title to their live videos in the live streaming section and then proceed to stream videos by just tapping on the “Go live” option available on the live streaming screen. The thumbnail of the video will be shown as the profile picture of that specific user.

3. All other users on the application can view those live videos; Only when the users are in live, they can give instant likes and comments for those live videos.

4. Users can view all the broadcasted videos in the broadcast view section. The recorded videos contain the running time of the video and the number of views during live streaming along with the play/pause option.

5. All the posted videos will be available under the “My Videos” section on the profile page of that particular user and he/she can also delete their own videos if they wish to do so.


The Live streaming and Broadcast view section places will vary for each product