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Mobile login with OTP ?


Provide a flexible way for users to log into the app using their mobile numbers. Thereby avoid the creation of fake profiles on the website and apps through strong authentication steps.

How it works:

1. During the signup stage in both website and app, the user will be asked to enter his/her mobile number for the verification process

2. User can select the country code and then enter the mobile number. They will be then asked to enter the OTP sent to the given number to verify it.

3. Once the mobile number is verified, the user can log into the site and app using the registered number and can also update the same on the profile page.

4. If the user tries to log in using the mobile number that is not registered yet, a toast message will appear asking the user to register the number.


Only the 'Firebase phone Authentication' is used for the OTP verification process. Other third-party SMS gateway integration will cost you additional charges