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Voice messages ?


Instead of typing text, users can have instant communication with their groups and contacts by sending and receiving voice messages on the chat page. So, they are able to deliver time-sensitive and other essential information readily.

How it works:

1. Users can see an icon at the bottom of the chat page for recording voice messages. Just tap and hold on the icon to record the voice note. Releasing the icon will automatically send the recorded voice note to the other user.

2. While recording the voice, users can also swipe left to delete the recorded voice message. They can see the play/pause button and time length on all the sent and received voice messages. For the received voice messages, there will be also an option for downloading that audio file.

3. Users cannot be able to send a voice message with less than one second time length. A toast message will appear when attempting to send such messages.

4. Users will be notified immediately on the receipt of voice messages and clicking on that push notification will take them to the chat page. Don’t click the back button or anywhere else on the screen while playing an audio file as it will stop the process.


In Appkodes Joysale and Airfinch product, audio files are supported only on apps. So, users cannot record or play an audio file from the website. An alert message “Can’t play audio, check the audio in apps” will be displayed when a user tries to play an audio file from the website.