gumtree in uk

Gumtree is a england based online classifieds and community website, with the ability to post classifieds ads either paid or free depends on the categories. From november 2010 it was the toppest local online classifieds and one of the the top 30 websites in UK. Around 14.8million unique visitors are into the website according to the traffic audit.

Gumtree was founded by Michael Pennington and Simon Crookall at march 2000 as local classifieds and community based website. Initially the website was designed to connect the Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans who moves to the london city. Just to help those people to find their accommodations, jobs and people to stay in touch. Did you know approximately 38 million people in UK sold, bought or listed stuffs on Gumtree which sums to 1 million items posted every day. Around 250,000 jobs were posted and 6 million cars were listed for sale.

As Gumtree is strong with its social media presence on facebook and twitter with 471,000 and  35,000 followers respectively. Gumtree prefers communicating to the users through social media on promotions, updates about their brand.

With featured ads gumtree allows it users to promote their listing on different types of adverts on different prices. The featured ads can be placed at the top of the search page or as urgent ad on the homepage spotlight. Gumtree has now revamped its logo much better. Moreover gumtree is launching 24/7 customer live support, email and customer service focussed twitter account. One more update with gumtree is cleaner mobile apps, refreshed homepage, improved message notifications and location based search function.

Morten Heuing, said that Gumtree is on a three-year time frame in terms of really ramping things up to the next level. “To keep up the momentum, we’ve set ourselves a target,” he said. “By 2018, we want every adult in the U.K. who uses the Internet to be using Gumtree.” – source Venturebeat