Rebranding Services

What are the purpose of Re-branding Services while designing a product?

Re-branding is the creation of a new look and feel for an established product or company.  Re-branding efforts may include a name change, Pick a logo from the given three designs, change in skin color (ex- Green – Red, blue, etc)  which provides a set of parameters to ensure your brand is implemented consistently across all of your marketing materials. Among this amount of payment will be increased as by extra customization. Goal of re-branding is to making product seem more modern and relevant to the customer’s needs.

Appstore and Play store Submission

Why to Push Products In App-store and in Play-store ?

People are used to finding apps via the App Store or Google Play. A wider audience of people are likely to find your app via the App Store or Google Play. Within a few hours, your apps will become available to users and your product page will appear in App-store and in Google Play store for promotional campaigns. Attract and engage over a billion App Store customers from around the world.

Professional Installation

How Professional Installation Helps in Product?

The grantee of professional installation (for marketing, installation, and use restrictions. follow professional installation justification guideline) and the installation is done by a professional installer under the grantee’s control. The professional installer will provide the proper instructions for output that meet the rules. Professional installation enhances the performance, health, and security of your product configuration optimization services.