How Started Airbnb

Or How Guys went From Renting Air Mattresses To A 10 Million Dollar Company

how start airbnb

Two guys (Joe) and (Brain) San Francisco can’t pay rent

They think to rent out 3 air mattresses on floor to people and serve breakfast


They make a simple website (a blog with maps)

2 men, 1 woman showed up, paying $80 each

After guest left they thought this could be a big idea

(Nathan) They Invited roommate as a co-founder to build the site

Launched at SXSW – got two booking

Brain I hope it’s not the only idea you are working on (friend)


Sold ‘Obama O’s cereal before the election for $40 each making first making first money $30,000


Got $20,000 in first funding from Paul grahams Y Combinator

Were making $200 a week for months not growing

Realized photos of places were not pretty

Went door-to-door in NYC and take photos of listed house

One week later

Made $400 a week started to grow

Were rejected by a famous VC in New York (fred Wilson)

Barry manilow’s (a famous singer) drummer rents an entire house

Raised $600,000 seed around from sequoia

Raised $7.2 million then $112 million from many investors and ashton kutcher

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