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People reading this article may be a startup, an entrepreneur, socialpreneur or a multi business focusing onlinepreneur. You were one among the searchers who is surfing around the internet and asking your friends and mentors on ideas, tips, experience on launching your eCommerce business to find the best solution provider to set up their dream online business.

Was that a very big deal to launch your eCommerce business? Yes, Partially as commencing an online business not only involves your money and time but also lot more into it when you start exploring it, like social reach to your website, how much famed is your website is, do that stick to the trends and was it user-friendly etc… Thus choosing the right solution provider will always play the vital role in your online business travel.

So how does AppKodes helps the onlinepreneurs? With their well constructed clone scripts which targets almost of the eCommerce type, An onlinepreneur can pick the online business model suits his/her’s requirement and ideology. As AppKodes knows the difficulty of designing a project from scratch, clone scripts are the best solution for the startups. An entrepreneur can find the prototype from social multi vendor script to the latest trending online space renting business.

  • Fancy clone is like a boon for the crazy shoppers who don’t find time to shop in retail stores. Being multi vendor platform and the script get adapts to multi industry, entrepreneurs can restyle it based on their industry type.
  • Wanelo clone, named for user-friendly interface loved by most of the users with integrated social media features. As the UI matters in this script a lot, this script really goes up establishing a community based gaming website with sellers and buyers. Don’t that really sounds cool.
  • Since the online classifieds business are too much trending, appkodes designed an inspired clone collaborated from carousell, happsale, wallapop, LetGo, 5miles and offerup. Online classifieds allows any type of products to be selled. Even online classifieds are also getting fine tuned with review system, Chat solution, locality based product finder. Thus, it create demand around many onlinepreneurs.
  • We people now started making trends on the way we order food too. Yes through online ordering to get your delicious food into your door steps. Thus online food ordering system websites got evolved with features like coupons, offers, locality based restaurant finder.
  • So if you are an onlinepreneur to launch an online space rental business to connect the local hosts and international guest. This business model helps guests to search for their stays in an unfamiliar location too. As the system has verified user, the guest can rent the stays without any hesitation.

You can choose the best online business type which suits you developed from the well framed technology. Start making money by picking your type of online business from AppKodes.