Planning for a upcoming industry conference? Maybe you wanted to invite potential customers to the event for showcasing your business. Planning for big event or a small gathering, the key for a successful event is planning appropriately.

On Pre-Event:

Outline what are you trying to achieve?

Set goals on Why the event is about to get organized? What is the result to be achieved from this event? What people will come to know about your business? These goals could even be financial let’s say sales you want to achieve as a result. Or may be social goals on raising awareness of your brand. Set goals on determining a “successful event” – so that it will be easy for you to measure how well you did in post-event. Your goals are supposed to be Smart acronym to Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and time based.

  • Define your target market. Who you are trying to speak? Define your event’s target audience and the number of people attending it.
  • Plan a budget and stick to an appropriate budget and document quoted to track event costs and to stay on track.
  • Ensure the date, time and venue. Check there are no conflicts events at the same time. Find the availability of parking for key people. Put together in a checklist on activities to tick off prior to event, on event day, and to post event.
  • Get somebody to help you may be trusted staff members. If they are about to front-facing the customers, ensure how they are confident, ability to relate well to others and to answer any questions that comes up. They are the core face of your business, so they need to mirror your brand.
  • Invest in marketing support material, to stand out in a wide event. Based on your event you may include giveaways, brochures,banners, signage, promotional flags or samples. Make sure that your material is clear cut and eye-catching.Must have a strong call to action – whether a phone number to call, a website to visit or an contact to enquire.
  • Investigate your venue on how to utilize and manage it well for the event.
  • Communicate other to know about the event. For an industry based event go with advertising in the programme and enquire on promotional coverage in the programme as an exhibitor.

The Event Day:

  • Ensure your technology requirements like WIFI,laptop, projector or ipads for the people to browse through your website.  Will you have ipads for people to browse your website. Make Sure the lighting effects and if you are about to give a full presentation practice well.
  • Arrange photograph session if you want to share the clicks to promote into a magazines. Organize the one who is trustworthy to take clicks on your event. And the same to take snaps and video on presentation and events to upload it into your website.
  • Plan to collect prospects to get connected them in email avoid business cards if it’s an industry based event.

Post Event:

Follow up with contacts got connected during the event. You can send them a thanking email for attending the meet. Try gaining interaction and opportunities to get in touch with them.

And the final one to evaluate your event’s success against the goals achieved versus the original goals set already. Analyse was the sales target achieved. Obtain the connections you got and be sure to analyze the ways to improve your future events. Thus planning for an business event will gain your revenue, reach and more connections if it’s utilized in a right way.

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