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28 Aug 2018 on Our Products · 7 min read

7 min read

There is a common perception that classifieds are to only target local community. In this digital era, with the latest advancements in technology and with an app for online classifieds business you can target the local market and also can go international too.

So in this post, you can know about the pros of online classifieds and how to gain reach that is beyond your reach using the best-classified script.

Offline Classifieds vs Online Classifieds

Ad posting sites are on a different page compared to the offline classifieds. Below is some good differentiation for online vs offline classifieds.

Offline Classifieds vs Online Classifieds

Time efficient

Online classifieds are time efficient where the registered users on any classifieds site can make ad post in minutes. Whereas in offline classifieds it has got some long process.

Attention seeking

Offline classified may not get reach/attention as online classifieds do. Mainly because peoples have got more attached to their mobile phone. So on any needs, they are preferring to look out for those on their mobiles more than any offline classified medium.

Limited focus

Online classifieds can target any specific area/country, whereas offline classifieds can only target a specific area.

Post Linking

Online classifieds can link back the ad viewer to the product page or website with the links provided on ads. But this is not available on offline classifieds.


There are many free best-classified ads websites prevail for use where users can post and sell their products free of cost, will cost only if chosen for featured listings. But offline classifieds charge a considerable amount of money for all basic postings too.

Ad customization

Once the ad has got posted on offline classifieds it can’t be edited. But on online classified users can edit their ad at any time.


Offline classifieds offers good reliability for posted ads without any ads from anonymous persons. This was the only aspect where offline classifieds are edging over the online classified.

In 2016, Facebook, a renowned social app, has introduced its marketplace to buy and sell. Which overcame the reliability factor of offline classifieds. Ad posting users will have an account on Facebook, so user buyers looking for buying their products can completely get all info about the sellers from their facebook account.

Instant stats

Offline classifieds doesn’t offer its ad posted users any information about the viewers or any info. Online classifieds provide the ad views and much more useful pieces of information to the users.

So offline classifieds, especially newspaper classifieds which were generating huge revenue from it has taken a huge hit with the arrival of online classifieds.

Horizontal and vertical online classifieds platform

Some may prefer the same and some may prefer for varieties. Now leading players with the best classifieds ad software, Craigslist and eBay when they came for use, Craiglist was a horizontal platform it enabled users to post ads for jobs, real estate, product selling, etc. But eBay got introduced as an auction website and then many vertical classified sites followed like Zillow, Linkedin, etc.

horizontal and vertical classifieds platform

The market for vertical and horizontal classifieds tend to change from country to country. Some countries have a strong market for either horizontal or vertical classifieds sites. But a country like the USA is having a strong market for both horizontal or vertical classified sites.

Best Classifieds Script with Mobile Apps

The classifieds business hugely relies on the best medium for reach. So it doesn’t have a stable environment because peoples priority for gathering their needful information is kept on changing over the years. It started on newspapers, yet still, there is a column or entire page present for classifieds in newspapers but now it is more effective with mobile apps. So it is more towards sustainability according to the demand.

Next Generation Shopping Website

The prevailing e-commerce shopping websites are providing users with an easy way of buying and selling a wide range of products and fashion accessories. But it is limited to only for selling and buying the new goods. Here the classifieds apps are effective on purpose, where it provides the platform to buy or sell the new as well as used goods. So this is the main reason users are loving this platform.

Next Generation Shopping Website

Moving forward, the addition of social features on the e-commerce shopping websites have made things interesting. Especially on the classifieds apps not only for easy login but also it connects the users on the social network and makes the product selling even easier. So over a typical shopping website, a classifieds website is considered to be the future of online shopping.

The websites like Craigslist and eBay showed the world how will be the classifieds on an online platform. Now the established classifieds apps like offer up, Wallapop, 5 miles, letgo, quikr, OLX are vying to become the future Craigslist or eBay. The established sites are following the Giants and you can follow in the footsteps of those established ones effortlessly with the best readymade classified website.

So, Appkodes has got the best-classified ad software to help the thriving entrepreneurs to take their place on the online classifieds space.

Advancements in online classifieds

A very recent online classified software has got much more advanced features than it was before. So even the best in the business are updating to those to stay afloat in the business. The recent advancements are to mainly target the international users and so to garner the best reach.

Advancements in online classifieds

So here is the list of advanced features and other essential features on a classifieds app,

Instant chat system

This feature may be present on all the prevailing classified website. But recently it is added with an image and location sharing features.

Make an offer

When introduced Craigslist was like, buy the products at the price as listed. But eBay was an auction website. So recently it has got the feature, where the sellers can list the product at his own asking price and interested buyers can contact the buyers and on a click can request the offer on price to the seller, if needed.

Accept & Deny offers

Sellers may grant or decline the offer request from the buyers with a single click on the request as accept/deny.


Anything in native language will attract the users and will make the users feel more comfortable in that specific country/area. All the recent classified ad posting software, it is readily available with the multiple languages and so it can be entirely translated according to the regions you prefer to focus.

Currency management

Admin can select the default (native) currency for listings according to the locations.

Chat block options and chat templates

Whenever there is a chat window, there needs to be a chat block option for privacy. And the chat templates for frequent texts, which save the time.

Exchange to buy

This feature enables the product swapping between the buyer and the seller. And this may not be available on all the readymade online classifieds software.

And other features like promotional features for ads ( which also helps in revenue generation), product details, customized search option, user verifications are will be present by default on all, considered to be the best-classified script.

Return on investment (ROI)

Return on investment (ROI)

Even though the online classifieds are free for the basic/ non-featured listings, it doesn’t disappoint on the revenue generation. In this business revenue can be generated in multiple ways like,

Commission basis

You are owning a creative platform and letting sellers sell their products from there. So you can deduct commission from each sale.

Promotion basis

Some sellers may need to sell their products urgently. So they will prefer to opt for promotions for their ads. So to promote their ads you can charge them a specific cost.

Ad banner

Another way to generate good revenue is through Ad banners. Where the sellers can promote their products commercially with the permission of admin.

Closing points

So if you are with ideas for starting an online classifieds business share your thoughts with us, and we with our turnkey classified website- Joysale can bring your classified business to live in minutes on the web and native apps. Get in touch with our enthusiastic support team, list your demands and our proficient team of developers can mould our best-classified script to bring up your business in the way your preferred on looks and functionality in a matter of time.

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