Joysales - Google Adsense features

Great add-ons adds a specific feature for work, fun, privacy, productivity…Just about anything!. Add ons add new items to the program’s interface, or give the product additional capabilities. 

User Front

Users Frontend is an unit to access a service of an authority, which is completely customizable and is easily personalized. Thicker friendly add-ons will be fixed vertically below the footer of the product image which gives a new look.

Joysale Add sense features
Add sense

Product Detail Page

First impressions are everything. Good product detail pages like ours will almost certainly include high-quality images, a qualitative product description, a list of specifications and a price. Choosing an appropriate way to showcase your products is essential, as it can either drive users to continue to checkout, or click away from your store. Turn your visitors into buyers by placing addons both horizontally and vertically with product details.

Profile Page

Profile page provides an online face to yourself that’s been customised to how you want it to look and feel like. This medium includes information about you publicly. Placing addons vertically down to the profile page will provide more flexibility to the users.

Ads sense features