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So you have established an advanced multi vendor marketplace with advanced features like being user-friendly, social media based functionalities, individual store, options to make revenue being admin and lot more. So what next to make your ecommerce marketplace bigger and better. Your online shopping cart has the flexible functionality and features for the admin, seller and buyer. Why not an exclusive app for the seller.

What’s seller or store app? An exclusive app for the seller or vendor or the store owner in the multi vendor marketplace. The thought process behind the app is to elevate your online marketplace to exclusive only for the sellers to purchase product from the website. How the app works? The sellers or vendor can login to the app only for sellers and can purchase products from the one exclusive merchant in the platform. Check out the app features,

  • Coupons for the sellers to avail discount and offers while checking out the product from the cart.
  • Homepage to view and browse for the products seller wants and to find the products uploaded for sale.
  • Search bar to browse for the products instantly the seller wants.
  • Collections to manage the saved products list or wish list to retrieve them back.
  • Cart options to check out products from the online shopping website.
  • Shipping addresses to manage and edit the delivery address.
  • My orders for the sellers too, they can manage and track the status of their orders.
  • Individual profile for each sellers in the vendor app too.
  • Alerts and notifications to know the happenings in the seller based medium along with login to get into it.

Forsure with this Fantacy Add-on surely sellers will love it. Fantacy will help the entrepreneurs to grow better and bigger with its features. Get into eCommerce to earn more.

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