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Linked in start up story

Entrepreneur Reid Hoffman’s vision and mission.


Studying at oxford thought of starting a software company.

Approached venture capitalists for funding and got rejected.

Got a job at apple – worked one world apple’s version of AOL.

After Apple, worked at fujitsu for product management.


Resigned job at fujitsu for starting a business.

Started social Net a networking website actually a dating site.

Left social net because of bad model and strategy.

Met friends peter Thiel and max levchin and joined PayPal board.


Sold PayPal, an electronic payment service to eBay for 1.5 billion USD.


Launched LinkedIn attracted investment from sequoia capital.


Revenue – introduced first business lines; jobs and subscriptions.


Dan Nye took the position as CEO.


New Leadership – Jeff Weiner joined LinkedIn as president and CEO.


LinkedIn has 225 million members, growing at 2 members per second.


LinkedIn launched officially in china, in Chinese languages.

10 popular website in the world.

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