HOW TO MAKE MONEY? If you are pretty brilliant and you have many ideas to innovate,then finally you decides to start working on it,Start working by created values,your ideas should be as Entrepreneur,Executive and like a VIP,this idea suggests the people to step up and buy the product.

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  • Play into Aspiration-make customers feel as though your product or service is going to help them reach the next level
  • Call a plan popular-naming a product or service as the most popular will encourage users to buy more.
  • Appeal to the Human side -Step off your corporate high horse when it comes to naming your products. Imagine you’re creating names for your best friend, rather than a hard to reach customer.
  • Be consistent – There’s nothing that stops a sale or download like confusion about what you offer, so be consistent when it comes to your product names.Carefully go through your web site, email campaigns, and other marketing materials to ensure that your names are consistent.

Creating a prototype is a vital step in your invention process ,prototype depends on idea and goals,this really boost your creativity ,Prototype enables you to test and refine the functionality of your design,it makes possible to test the performance of various materials helps to describe your product more effectively,it will encourage others to take you more seriously.

You know you could really use another person’s skills. So you look for a co-founder. You find someone who is both enthusiastic and smart. You work together for a couple of days on your idea, and you see that he/she is adding a lot of value. So you offer them to become a co-founder.

He/she would become an employee, not a co-founder), so you offer equity in exchange for work (sweat equity.) But how much should you give? 20% – too little? 40%? After all it is YOUR idea that even made this startup happen. But then you realize that your startup is worth practically nothing at this point, and your co-founder is taking a huge risk on it. You also realize that since she will do half of the work, she should get the same as you – 50%. Otherwise, she might be less motivated than you. A true partnership is based on respect. Respect is based on fairness. Anything less than fairness will fall apart eventually. And you want this thing to last. So you give your co-founder 50%.

Products are saled by using 10 types namely:up selling,Direct Sales,Upgrading,Bundle selling,Internet sales,Catalog sales,Fair & Expo,Store displays,Home parties and Events.choosing a correct path will lead us to earn more money

To list a company on the stock exchange requires a process known as underwriting or an initial public offering. The company is valued and broken up into small “chunks” known as stocks. Those are then made available on one of the stock exchanges — such as NASDAQ or the NYSE

Wait for few months to sell the products ,then list your company in the Stock market.Finally, your most supportive investor,your Co-founder and you all make money when you sell shares there..

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