You might consider the launch of a classified site as a business. If so, your best need is to profit which comprises of acquiring more income than you are paying out.

Fortunately, there is various revenue generating techniques that you can utilize with our Joysale classified script.

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Ad Banner Campaigns

Ad banners are mostly utilized when you are putting forth free classified services. The benefit of free classified sites is that you can draw hundreds or thousands of clients in a short time period. Such substantial quantities of clients tend to attract organizations that need to promote on your site. They pay you to place ad banners on your site for your free clients to see.

This type of income can be set up by using our Joysale’s Banner Management. One of its choices incorporates posting Google AdSense code(s) through the BMA interface to make things simpler and abstain from adding a similar code to various page layouts manually.

There is one condition, however. We don’t suggest over-soaking the site with banners. The general guideline with the banner position is “Fewer banners cost more per standard, advertisers do pay for eliteness” as long as your site is popular.

Membership Plans

You may likewise pick to charge expenses for people to become a member of your classified site. Users pay an enrollment fee (normally month to month) to attain specific features and services designed in the membership plan.

All classified script permits multiple membership plans and packages that the administrator can tweak for different client groups.

Corporate Limited and Unlimited Plans

You can provide corporate permitted and unlimited plans which are particularly utilized by organizations. Limited plans offer certain services and highlights bundled under set costs while boundless plans offer all services and highlights under one umbrella.

Charges for Extra Options

You can likewise set up your classified site in view of allowed to-post plans(free posts), enrollment plans for X number of postings every month, or corporate unlimited plans, and make a few additional alternatives accessible for extra charges (set up independently). You may offer postings, promotions, listings, optional upgrades and other claims to fame highlights accessible at additional costs.

Listing Enhancements

These incorporate a few inherent improvements that make certain postings more visible to visitors, in this manner expanding their odds of being sold. We have a Featured Listings choice, enabling a listing to be shown in the Featured Ads regions.

A Sponsored Ad option knocks up Sponsored postings to the highest point of indexed lists, likewise changing the visual appearance of the posting. A Highlighted Ad alternative changes the foundation of a featured posting, yet keeps the posting in a similar place of the list items.

There is additionally a paid (or free if you wish) YouTube video ability. SEO/SEM advertisers express that posting with videos draw in more attention regarding promotions with videos rather than general advertisements (in addition to it’s a positive white-hat promo tool).

Credits-Based Payment System

The Credit-Based payment component enables your classified site clients to avoid from utilizing debit/credit cards to pay for each element or option each time they need to make installments.

Rather than paying for fees by means of Mastercard, clients purchase set measures of credits through the built-in secure installment portals to administrations, for example, 2Checkout or PayPal. The credits are then used to make different buys in view of a credit framework rather than money esteem.

This is a great safe and helpful method for users to maintain purchases without having to use their cards for every purchase. A standout amongst the best methods for picking up income through this strategy is to make discounts and include additional credits if users make purchases inexpensive volumes.


Obviously, you can use a mix of different choices accessible to your strategies for your classified site. For instance, you can offer the majority of your open free postings while offering corporate users premium packages. Special features would then able to be obtained by either party for set expenses.


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