Although the goal of both retail store and online store marketers is to attract their targeted customers and graph more sales. They are get experimented, implemented into different techniques to revenue the stable results with the decent progress initially then to improve more.

Truly marketing for physical stores are online stores are two different trials because of the way they drag and attract customers. As marketing matters alot for type of stores to attract customers, ecommerce websites should focus on direct acquisition. And the physical store retailers have to uplift their position as recognizable by boosting up their branding awareness.

So what will be the marketing strategies to imply for succeeding in both stores:

Brand vs Direct language:

Retail store marketers will be more creative than online store marketers since their language does not to be direct. For instance we can take Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign, They don’t ask the consumers to buy their product but they create an emotional impact or response that drives the customers to feel good with the brand. In-store can go with drawing attention whereas ecommerce websites needs a CTA (Call To Action)

Interaction vs Traffic:

Online stores can use traditional marketing tactics like end camps and billboards than to online. Online shopping cart drives customers to their websites, whereas retail stores are supposed to describe why their products are better and superior. So brick and mortar system should focus more on user experience to gain more ROI.

Nearby vs Globally:

eCommerce sites have more instant competitors in the digital space, which is like an immediate threat to the business. On the other hand physical store marketers will have control over their locality. So they can structure retail store marketing to beat the few competitors rather the wide online competitors.

Leveraging both spaces will give effective results in their retail stores and online stores. So it’s all about balancing and implying the right strategy in both the markets will reap the success. Most of the company who got success in both spaces had invested more efforts on achieving the stable level of profit. Just by keeping up the demand from the users and by serving the customers from physical locations and just by designing an user-friendly ecommerce website, this ultimately boost the sales in both spaces. And since now the market is higher for online stores comparative to physical stores. Marketers supposed to weight the successful ways to match the brand’s carefully. And most of them are as fused physical stores with an online shopping cart too.