Dynamic filters

Our Mercari clone script enables the creation of required categories and filter options for the products. Therefore users on the buy and sell marketplace can look for the needed items under various criteria such as price, location, and so on easily

Mercari clone

SEO friendly design

This feature of our mercari clone will help in making the platform more SEO friendly by optimizing meta title, description, and images. With Robots. txt and XML sitemap, you can make the search engine bots understand the structure of the site while crawling. The addition of Breadcrumb will provide navigational aid for visitors on the platform.

Mercari clone

Product insights

With this beneficial inclusion in our mercari clone sellers can know the popularity of their products, total and individual views for products, likes and comments for items, number of users who are all in search of offers, and top five cities with high demand for their products. This feature will impress sellers on the platform

Mercari clone

Banner ads

Our mercari clone allows the sellers to run banner ads for their products after getting approval from the Admin. Advertisers can decide when they want to run ads on the platform. Admin can make money quickly with this feature of our mercari clone script.

Mercari clone

Instant chat

With this interesting option of our mercari clone buyers on the buy and sell marketplace can have a smooth chat with the sellers without any troubles. They can also make use of the default text templates available on the chatbox. This feature will grab more eyeballs on the app.

Chat block option

Users on the app can use this chat block feature to block any specific user on the chat window and so can avoid getting messages from them thereafter

Location and image share

Sellers on the online buy and sell marketplace can share their product images and buyers can share their locations on the chat window

Mercari clone

Featured promotions

With this interesting feature of our mercari clone sellers can show their products on the limelight to capture the attention of users on the buy and sell platform.

Urgent promotions

With urgent promotions sellers can display their products in the spaces where they are likely to be seen by a lot of buyers

Ad promotions

Sellers can grab the chance of selling products quickly with the ad promotions. These promotions will kindle interest among users to make purchases on the platform

Mercari clone

Exchange and Giving away option

Our mercari clone enables the buyers on the platform to initiate exchange requests with the sellers if they wish to exchange their products with the other items that they like. Also, sellers can make use of the “Giving away” section to list the products that they wish to sell free of cost.

Mercari clone

User verification option

Our mercari clone includes an effective verification process to avoid fake user registrations on the platform. Users will be authenticated through mobile OTP verification, confirmation emails, and user login through their Facebook accounts.

Mercari clone

Social activities

Our mercaric clone enables the buyers on the platform to follow their preferred sellers, Users can also share the ‘Invite’ links on social networks for inviting their friends to join the platform, can log in with social media accounts, like and comment on products, and share products on social media platforms

Mercari clone

Multi-currency functionality

Our mercari clone includes a multi-currency feature to ease the payment process of the users on the platform. Admin can have complete control over adding and removing supported currencies and can also set default currency of their own choice.

Mercari clone

Request offer

With this exciting option of our mercari clone buyers on the platform can request product offers from the sellers. Sellers can either accept or reject those product offer requests with a single click.

Mercari clone

Product details

With this feature of our mercari clone buyers can know complete details of the product such as name, category, view, the time when it is uploaded on the platform, etc. Sellers can also describe their listed products as new or old to simplify the purchasing process of the buyers.

Report option

In case the user finds a particular product to be inappropriate in the corresponding category, then the user can report about that product.

Video Promotion

Sellers can include videos for their products through Youtube links. This will boost the product promotion on the platform


Whenever sellers load their products on the platform, watermarking will be done automatically on those product images.

Mercari clone

Instant notifications

With this feature of our mercari clone the sellers and buyers on the online marketplace will be notified instantly regarding all the activities on the platform. So users will be kept informed then and there on the platform.

Mercari clone

Attractive web design

Our mercari clone supports the inclusion of an appealing and responsive web design with multi-layered security options and cutting-edge techniques to enrich the experience of the users on the online buy and sell marketplace

Mercari clone

Admin dashboard

With an all-inclusive dashboard in the Admin panel Admin can handle the app operations and different modules like giving away, exchange to buy, etc. Moderators can also be added to the platform with specific roles by the Admin for the effective management of the platform.

Mercari clone

Customization services

Approach our team if you need to add or modify any features or looking for some new concepts in the product. Make a request and get instant customization support from our team

Mercari clone