As classifieds business been the revenue model that raise apparently some millions of dollars, many onlinepreneurs wanted to grab that million dollar quest to reach the crown of success in your online business career. So with this fast trending business type if you have the thought to launch an alike website you need to make sure the base script or platform you choose should be popular, user-friendly and stable. Offerup is something which stands up to the criteria set for an online classifieds website to make your online buy and sell experience to be simple.


What’s exciting with offerup:

Offerup comes with the tag to make users buy and sell experience to be simple, and they ensure it on every functionality it has. The best thing with offerup app is, it lets the sellers and buyers to sell and buy stuff starts from antiques to list their old stuff.

Lucid way of adding products:

With the offer up apps now it’s very much easy to post your products or listing in few seconds. Just take a picture of your stuff, upload it, add some product description then post to sale. Your listing will be on live in few minutes.

Some more functional features:

Offerup app allows the user to search and buy hundreds of products suggested in your locality. Even now you can find the recently added products or items in your locality. Popular items are also suggested for the users to know what’s trending in your locality.

Offer up mobile apps available in android and IOS to serve the mobile users. With the handy app now it’s very much easy for the sellers to list and manage their products posted.

Inspired with the few features offer up app has Appkodes came with a Script which can be used in web, native ios and android apps which fulfills the needs of a business owner, buyer, and seller which is the most fundamental thing for an upcoming business person to look upon.

Joysale – Offerup clone has not only the features of offerup but also more than that. To state few,  

Features of Joysale

mobile app


Instant Internal Chat among users

If a user is interested in buying any product and has any queries regarding it. The User might text the product owner instantly with an internal chat system which is a  feature added by Joysale and it’s not present in any other offerup clones.

Product Swapping Provision

If any two product owners interested in each others product they don’t have to buy or  sell them to one another. Instead, the Joysale Script allows Product swapping method  which means both the user can exchange the product within themselves without any    payment transactions involved which makes easier to get what they want.

Multicurrency and Multilingual

The Joysale Script allows any type of currencies for the Payment to the users. It also has the Multilingual option where user can view the page in his native language which is easy to understand. The Joysale Script also comes with Arabic for the UAE countries with RTL and LTR addons.



mobile app recentAd Promotions via banners

Joysale Script – offerup clone admin may earn income by providing Ad  promotions to the sellers. Here the seller can provide the information  about the product he/she wishes to promote as an ad to the admin. The Admin could post the ads on the banner of the site which increases the  revenue for both the admin and seller.

Recently viewed products for sellers.

Joysale script allows sellers to know about the recently viewed  products which help in knowing what type of products are on move in  the market and any shortages on a product or what are the visitor’s interest.


So, Overall if you want to launch a similar business on online classifieds you can opt in an offerup clone, which is fully restyled with additional features. Also, it is more Adoptable in which it can be used to launch any type of business such as Real Estate, Electronic Store, Car Rental, Arts and Crafts Stores, Book Stores etc. With these additional features and well-constructed technology, an entrepreneur can go long way to fulfill his eCommerce dreams with Joysale Script.


Start your own online classifieds web and app now!

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