Prescription in digital manner

The digital prescription button will be enabled for the corresponding doctor once the doctor’s visit is over, allowing that doctor to easily give the patient a detailed digital prescription. The patient can view the updated information whenever needed after the doctor has updated the prescription details. On the Oladoc clone, this feature greatly impresses doctors and patients by streamlining the prescription process.

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Video and Direct visit

With this feature of our Oladoc clone, patients can know about the availability of a particular doctor and can also check whether that specific doctor is available for video appointments or for direct visit appointments. After knowing this availability and appointment type details, patients can then make an appointment with that doctor instantly without any confusion.

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Instant Chat

The chat box will be made available for that patient and doctor once the patient schedules a consultation in order to enable easy communication between them. By using this function of our Oladoc clone, patients can connect and chat with the appropriate specialists and receive prompt answers to their questions about medications, appointments, etc.

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Schedule appointments

Quick booking

With the help of this function of our MeetDoc product, a patient can quickly schedule an appointment with a doctor without contacting that particular doctor directly. This feature will astonish many users because it enables instant appointment scheduling.

Booking requests

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Regulate Availability Check

Our Oladoc clone’s feature allows the doctor to set availability information, including consultation times, whether he is available for video booking or direct visit booking, and information about instant and request booking. Bookings can be made easily and without any confusion thanks to this feature, which allows doctors to clearly specify their availability details.

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Reviews and Ratings

Patients can share their thoughts and experiences with the doctor using the rating and review features of our Oladoc clone. Before scheduling an appointment, this will enable other patients to learn more about that specific doctor. The positive feedback from the patients will also aid the doctors in quickly becoming well-known.

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Payment gateway

To make it simple and hassle-free for app users to make payments, our Oladoc clone product integrates the Stripe Connect payment gateway. With the help of this efficient payment gateway system, the platform’s payments will automatically be split among the relevant users and the commission rate will be fixed.

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Multiple currency and language


To make it simpler for users to make payments, our Oladoc clone offers the option to use multiple currencies. As the user can instantly make payments in the desired currency, this offers a convenient payment platform.


The entire website’s content can be translated into the necessary language as needed thanks to this incredible feature of our Oladoc clone script. Millions of users of the doctor appointment booking platform will without a doubt be impressed by this feature.

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Policy on Cancellations

The doctor can establish an appropriate cancellation policy using this feature of our MeetDoc service. Depending on the terms of this cancellation policy, the patients’ payments may not be refunded or may be refunded to them in full or in part after canceling the appointments.

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Mark favorites

Patients can save their most preferred doctors or the doctors they are most interested in using this intriguing feature of our Oladoc clone. Patients can then make the necessary decisions later on immediately as needed with the help of these saved doctors. Because it takes less time for patients to find the doctors they want, this feature improves their experience on the platform.

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Expert, ailment, and insurance

Our Oladoc clone’s feature enables patients to search for doctors by their specialties as well as other factors like their illness and the insurance plan they have selected. Millions of patients using the doctor’s appointment oladoc platform will be astounded by this feature because it allows the patient to easily take the result specifying the best doctor for them.

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Filters and doctors search

This Oladoc clone has extremely sophisticated search filters that make it easier for patients to find doctors. Therefore, using this feature allows patients to quickly identify the doctor who is best suited to address their issues and then instantly schedule an appointment with that doctor.

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Invites and Social Logins

Users of our MeetDoc product can easily log in using their Facebook, Google, and other social media accounts. The users of our Oladoc clone can also invite their friends and family to download the app so they can take advantage of its amazing features.

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Controls and Instant notifications

Our Oladoc clone script includes an instant notification option so that users of the app can be immediately informed of critical events and messages, such as confirmations of appointments or cancellations. Users will therefore be informed whenever there are new activities taking place on the platform thanks to this feature. Users can choose whether or not they want to receive these notifications.

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You can submit a request and speak with our team to get the necessary customization support if you want any features in the product changed or added, or if you want some new ideas implemented.

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