How to launch Online resort business for people who is unwilling to accept the ordinary bookings?

Experience Increased Efficiency and Reduced Dependency on Manpower with our Online Resort Booking System

Airfinch offers powerful features to manage online resort websites. You will find very good support to work with seasonal packages and limited period specials to help attract more resort bookings.

Airfinch helps in,

  • Get your work done quickly, and from anywhere.
  • Promote & up-sell with variety of rates & packages.

online resort websites

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Online resort websites offers guests the refined luxury of heritage, the effortlessly efficient service and amenities and a local experience with the assurance of quality. Online resort websites based on Content Management System and a patched up ecommerce module.

Online resort websites offers a powerful Rates & Package manager to sell your resort rooms clubbed with additional services. You can define high/low weekdays & unlimited rate levels for your seasons and special periods. These rates/packages may be limited period offers, or will vary automatically with change in seasons. They can also be restricted to specific company or business source.

What We Commonly see in Tourism Businesses?

Coming to us looking for more SEO or Ad-words services to get more website visitors. The truth is, more of often than not the website already has enough visitors they’re just not making a booking or inquiry.

You need to be able to take bookings on your site – in today’s smartphone web enabled world people expect to be able to book online. The payment options are C.O.D. i.e Cash on delivery, Credit Card, Pay Pal, World Pay, authorize. net and many others. Among these payment gateways Paypal account is very easy to setup but only a person who has an credit card with U.S. dollar facility will be able to carry out the transaction.

How To Configure the Online Booking Engine?

The administrative functions common to both like Content management, User management, Site building and Site configuration will not be mentioned here. The online resort websites panel enables us to configure the online booking engine. It has a variety of options like Availability calendars, where we can enable availability calendars on units and hotels. Under Bed types we can add edit as well as list the different types of beds available.

Online resort websites

Features of Online Resort Websites:

  • High Quality Commercial Photography – People are visual creatures and particularly with accommodation a large part of their decision will be swayed by the quality of your website photography. High quality photos are an easy way to increase your bookings without necessarily increasing your website traffic.
  • Organic Search Engine – Rank websites in the search results. The process of ranking higher in the search results is called “SEO” or “search engine optimization”. you’ll appear number 1 for a particular search term and help increase your “organic traffic” or visitors coming to your site from organic search.
  • On-page SEO” – On page SEO refers mostly to hidden code fields on your website. Because search engines don’t really understand language they use many of the fields embedded in your website code to determine what your site is about and what keywords you should rank for.
  • Email Marketing – Email marketing is a much more effective tool at generating repeat bookings.
  • Social Media Strategy – Particularly in the tourism space, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Instagram is a great way to keep in touch with customers socially. Updates on local events and news; photos in social media gets lot of attraction among customers.
  • Enjoy Anytime Anywhere Access – Monitor your hotel performance from wherever you are. All you need is basic internet connection. Login easily to our web based property management system from anywhere and enjoy the convenience of 24 x 7 accessibility.
  • Go Mobile – Give your guests the luxury to book on-the-go. The responsive design of our multi-device booking engine displays all your rates, packages and images beautifully.
  • Increase Your Profitability – Set the right room rates for your hotel based on market analysis and our integrated revenue management solution will help your hotel make key decisions in real-time.

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