Online shopping cart script is a social marketplace bringing together all shopp from one place. For shoppers, it’s a way to discover and buy products from stores both big and small. For merchants, Online shopping cart script is a place to market and sell your products to millions of users who come to do nothing but shop.

The Online shopping cart script Sales Channel was built to help Shoppers merchants reach new customers, build a following and grow their businesses. By installing the sales channel, you are applying to sell your products directly on Online shopping cart script, so that millions of shoppers can discover and buy your products with just a tap.

Online shopping cart script is considered as best in shopping entertainment. Wanelo gives you an endless stream of the most unique products online, all posted by people like you. Buy everything right away, or save your favorite products to your profile for later.

online shopping cart script

Access to Manage Their Store Pages:

Online shopping cart script is a social platform where users come to shop. Retailers and brands are able to claim and manage their store pages, enabling them to engage with the community via comments, stories, and gain visibility to which of their products are trending. The online community lets members share photos and information about products on their shopping wish lists or that they’ve already purchased.

Wanelo members can use the site to create a personalized “collection” of products that interest them or to follow stores and view the collections of others. Store pages are created when someone posts a product they saw or bought from that merchant.

Here are Several Things You Need to Know About Online Shopping Cart Script :

  • It’s especially big with teenagers. In April 2012, Piper Jaffray published its latest “Taking Stock With Teens” research into the social network’s popular with 13- to 19-year-olds. Fewer of them chose Facebook as their most important gathering place, and the top write-in was Wanelo. Wanelo also ranked fifth among popular online shopping destinations.
  • It’s big with the mobile set. Wanelo offers free applications for the Android and IOS platforms. The IOS version consistently ranks in the App Store’s Top 50 list for lifestyle apps, rivaling Amazon in terms of popularity and outpacing downloads for Walmart.

Participation is free for vendors big and small. It’s easy to create a store page on Wanelo. If someone has already posted products from your cyber shelves, you can “claim” the items and start to customize how things are organized. If no one has posted anything, you can get started by uploading some products. You will be identified as the store owner or manager. Sellers from e-commerce marketplace sites, such as Etsy and eBay, may create an individual store page on Wanelo and use it to drive interest and transactions.

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