1. Upgrade your listing

So much of being a good host is about empathy—putting yourself in potential guests’ shoes. When travelers search for a place to stay on Airbnb, they rely on the descriptions and photos you provide in your listing to help them decide if your space is a good fit for their needs. Include all the relevant details, and remember that after their stay, guests can rate the accuracy about Php Airbnb Clone information you provide.

“It’s important to be absolutely frank in the Php Airbnb Clone listings,” says Tim, a Super host who shares a rural apartment near his home. “It’s advertised as a rustic retreat, and that’s the kind of guests I get. If anything, I exaggerate the hardships of the place so that people aren’t surprised when they get here. And as a result, I get people who are looking for an experience that’s out of the ordinary.” Joy, who shares her studio apartment, agrees: “What’s probably most convenient about my space is that it’s the core of the city, but if maybe you’re not someone who wants the noise or the hustle and bustle of the city, it may not be the space for you.”

2. Make your space shine

Greeting travelers with a clean and tidy space helps them feel welcome—and it’s something they expect when they travel using Php Airbnb Clone. Cleanliness can boost your ratings and bookings, too. “We would want it to be clean if we walked into a place,” says Suzie, “so it’s important for us, every time, to give the same amount of effort and make it look exactly as good as it did the last time.” “When I’m not here to clean,” says Joy, “I have a third-party cleaning service come, and I also add a cleaning-fee to my listing. You just say in detail what you want cleaned. They’ll change the sheets, make sure the flooring is cleaned, the windows, especially the shower, and then put new towels out.”

3. Communicate early and often

There’s nothing worse than waiting by the phone or constantly refreshing your inbox to check for an email response. The golden rule of hosting bears repeating: Treat your guests just as you’d wish to be treated. Respond to booking requests quickly and help make their arrival easy. If your response rate gets too low, your listing’s search place could be impacted and you may even face penalties. Gregg sends his guests clear directions to his listing before their trip. “You imagine, I’ve just been on an airplane for 9 hours, right? So what I try to do is, I have a Word document that I literally cut and paste so that I can tell them this is what you need to do,” he says. “I spell it all out.”
“One of my first rules of thumb is to reply as soon as I can because everyone’s trying to book travel,” says Abhay. “Some of them do it with short notice, and you want to be responsive. I try to give them the experience that I would want if I was traveling. In terms of communicating, I try to reply immediately, I address the questions they’re asking, I stay really honest.”

4. Create memories

Hosting on Php Airbnb Clone is your chance to share the best of where you live. You can point your guests to City Guidebooks, which are filled with suggestions from other Airbnb hosts in your area, or you can point guests to your own favorite neighborhood cafes, shops, and restaurants. Some hosts even provide local treats like coffee or tea. Thoughtful extras like these can go a long way toward helping your guests experience all your city has to offer.
“We recommend places where we go to eat breakfast, places to walk, places to take pictures, or tell them historical anecdotes,” says Natasha. “It’s nice to see people get a different perspective on life. It’s a very enriching experience.”

5. Stay inspired

People start hosting on Airbnb for all kinds of reasons—some to pay bills, others on a whim. But many hosts tell us that what motivates them to continue and to provide great hospitality is the new people they meet and the connections they form. Every guest you welcome, every trip you host is a new opportunity to celebrate your hometown, expand your circle of acquaintances, and discover the joy in hosting.

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