Product Feed optimization is key to any successful Google Shopping campaign. Your product titles are one of the most important factors in whether or not Google will think your ad is relevant to the user’s search query. Not only that, but a good product title will entice more shoppers to click on your product.

Providing all the required data in the right format according to Google’s product data specification is mandatory, of course. But to make the most of Google Shopping, e-commerce retailers have to apply more advanced techniques to optimize and enhance their product feeds.

Previous experiments have shown that product titles have a major influence on performance, while other fields — like the product description or the Google product category — have little or no influence.

To give you some practical advice on Product Feed optimization how to effectively optimize product titles, we at Crealytics (my employer) tested how Google Shopping reacts to changes in titles.

Test Setup:

We selected 136 products, which we observed over a six-week period. Since it’s technically not possible to properly split-test alternative titles by showing two different versions of the same ad simultaneously to different people, we had to compare two different time periods.

After three weeks, we changed the titles and analyzed the impact of the change over the subsequent three weeks..

Examples of optimized products:

To optimize our product titles, we added very specific, keyword-rich terms in front of the existing product title. We chose these terms from Google’s Search Query Report and matched the most popular search terms with the relevant products in our feed.

The impact of optimizing product titles:

Because we were comparing two different time frames, we needed to make sure that the timing wasn’t responsible for any of the performance changes we saw. To do this, we also analyzed the total performance of all the products.
On average, there was a slight decrease in CTR of 4 percent across the entire Google Shopping account. However, the products with optimized, more keyword-rich product titles saw a CTR uplift of 18 percent

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