How to add a product in Joysale?

To add a product in Joysale, seller needs to create an account in Joysale. With that account the seller has to login and click on sell your stuff on header and fill the required data in product upload form and click save button.

How to promote a product in Joysale?

Once a product is saved to Joysale, a popup shown to seller about promotion.  If a seller use promotion option means the product will randomly shown in top position in home page with highlighter.

There are two types of promotions available in Joysale

  1. Urgent
  2. Ads

How Ads and urgent work in Joysale?

If a Seller selects, Urgent option in Promotion means, the product will labelled with urgent band and shown in home page. Once the product gets sold out, Urgent band get removed and it show sold out band.

If a seller selects, Ads option in promotion means, the product will labelled with Ads band and shown randomly in Home page. The product goes to normal when the selected days for Ads get out dated.

What are advantages of doing promotion for a product?

If a seller promotes a product, the product get highlighted and shown in the home page. It will eye catchy to the buyer. The seller can easy sell their product.

How to manage promotions in admin?

Under promotion menu you can create and manage ads, you may also change the amount for urgent promotion. It will be viewed in front end for user for use the types of Ads promotion.

In Manage Ads promotions, we can manage the name, date and price and we can view and delete the existing Ads.

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