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25 May 2019 on · 1 min read


Prime membership allows your user to match faster and can get ultimate discounts on the gems and other In-app purchases. Discounts features give you control over your monetization features that are right for you, and for the type of promotion you want to run to boost your sale by using our Azar clone.

Privacy controls

AppKodes Randou provides powerful privacy controls like Hiding age, activity Controls and ad settings, which allow your users to switch the collection and turn on or off the message setting to decide if other users can chat with them or not.

Camera swap

Users can also reverse the camera from front view to back view and vice versa which is not possible for general users. You can change use these Camera SWAP option as often as you want without sacrificing your privacy.

Search priority

Users can set preferences so that they are connected first randomly to other people online. This is the central place where your PRIME users will be shown to every other user on their search, views, and watch using our AppKodes Randou.