Online food delivery is a blessing for diners, who are increasingly turning to the web and apps for takeout orders. Online Food Order Script develops a system which makes it easier for people to order food online than over the internet. Food Delivery clone works faster for repeat orders, it is very easy to impress first time customers. From the restaurant perspective, much of it depends on the restaurant location and customer segment

The existing services will still do well until there is a way for a small and medium size restaurants to handle their own online ordering on their own restaurant website, online payment processing in Food Delivery clone websites with customer profiles, and online marketing  at a low enough cost.  If restaurants are able to do this, then you may start seeing pure restaurant online ordering aggregators enter the market and be paid a more reasonable fee for the customer lead generation. Today Peoples also looking to track their orders, If a food ordering site has a track order details means it will really helpful to the customer who order the food in their site.

In this clone script, it is easy to identify the restaurants by selecting country, area and city. By choosing the filter option, it is easy to sort the needed resturants by offer, deals and cuisine type. The location of the restaurant can be viewed by using google map. Smart eat script save time and money.

Justeat clone script give a way to choose your favorite restaurants in online quickly. Smart eat is more useful to travellers, they can easy find their native food available restaurant in their location.

Smart eat enlarges your online business across the world in quick time. Payment process is more secured in this script. Order can be printed by means of mobile printer, the print out gives the full details of the order like food name, type, quantity, price, tax etc..

This Digital ordering stands in lead for two main reasons such as;

  • It Decreases turn-around time in the kitchen and
  • Bunch of variants listed in the food Menu

Customer is able to customize their order without errors in digital ordering,accurate order is taken in online ordering,sometimes if you order in the phone ,it can be tricky if it’s noisy store or has a busy environment,lot of conditions can get lost in translation.Digital ordering can take care lot of it.Customers can try new stuff over there with exposed to all the options,they love it because they can experience more of the menu in digital ordering.Some people have interesting taste like

Multi cuisine,Indian,Italian,American or Canadian,Chettinadu etc..,to get a customer satisfaction staffs in the kitchen reduces errors in food and make customers order much more coherent.


  • Allows user to browse through different product categories and check out the items
  • Allow users to save items to the cart from any of the available food categories by simply clicking the ADD TO CART button
  • Promised delivery options at your door steps
  • Accessing of order ready notification when the order gets ready
  • Restaurant locator-To find and choose a nearby restaurants.
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