Every business, whether they realize it or not face the problem without proper assessment of their saas business marketing strategy. What they fail to notice is an inbound marketing strategy is an ongoing process.

You can no longer take your customers attention for granted. You have to earn your customers attention and help them learn. In other ways, you’ve to invest in your many meaningful ways to engage your potential customers than interrupting often. By providing meaningful solutions for their daily life problems, you become a part of their life. That is when you start reaching your potential customers and gain their trust.

Do not write or design anything because you or your team loved. Start creating effective and intense content with a human touch. Without experiencing your solution your customers won’t be able to judge (they do!) how responsible your brand is. Therefore, give them a chance to experience your products or services with saas business marketing strategy.

saas business marketing strategy

Treasure Hunt With Knowing Your Customer Journey

If you can exactly tell when and where the peoples in a particular country are making the purchase then you will be the most followed person on today. It’s not a mystery thing but it is yet resolved. All because people are getting moved on easily and the prevailing business which had them as their saas business marketing strategy target audience is playing catch up to sustain in the market.

Peoples decision on any product purchase is influenced by many, mainly by social media apps. So they have got many ways to know which is the best in the market and worth their price and all. But for online retailer have to combat the competition and come up with something to seek the attention of their target audience. Sounds like a too tough ask right!

Staying inside your own circle and claiming for attention is not going to work for sure. So you have to step out of your ideas and see where your audiences are making their final decision for purchase.

Take an example, an old grandfather wants to buy an iPod and his grandson suggesting him some best collection (literally he is influencing him for purchase). So that old man may think that these are the only best things currently available on the market and he may move forward and place an order. But the grandson one who suggested him might have gone through many websites and posts in his social account.

Through some ads on his social media page and Somewhere he would have made up his mind that those products are best in the market help of saas business marketing strategy. So if you throw him the same question that you are in plan to buy a new iPod could he help you!!!. Then he is for sure going to pitch the same brands he came across.

Important channels of SaaS business marketing strategy

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, and CEO of Facebook, Once said: “People influence people and nothing influences people more than a recommendation from the trusted friend”.

So a little comment from the friends or from close circles of any person might heavily influence the purchase decision.

we are all being targeted through three marketing terms used by the marketers. Each is the next level to one another.

Each brand on first will expect to attain to good reach, they will expect more customer engagement, they prefer to study their customer likings. Down here, in brief, let’s see about three marketing channels which can rightly fulfill the expectation of each brand.


In this digital age, the way for communication has got entirely changed. So when Email was considered to be the effective way for sharing any information, yet still it remains to be effective for some other purposes but the presence of mobile phones and social media apps have overtaken them. Because nowadays peoples are not concerned over what they receive in their mailbox and even hardly open their mail. So marketing on email is considered to be ineffective. But peoples are never leaving any notifications unnoticed which they receive from any app and posts on their social media page are easily catching their attention. Many studies are revealing that peoples are spending a part of a day with their mobile phones and in those, especially on social media apps. So marketing through these channels can assure the best reach.


The best reach might be garnered with the multi-channel approach but after that in the quest for sales have to concentrate on touching points of the customer. Let’s assume that one consumer has seen a post on his social media for his needful product and immediately making a call to that customer care number to know about its availability and all things. And then as per his liking he is receiving a mail/notification for his preferred product is now available on some offer price. Then he can move forward and place the order, but instead of shipping he can drive it to the physical store and collect it himself. So retailers might be online or offline retailers but opting for an omnichannel approach could provide the best engagement.


Each people will have a different set of interest and will require different products at different times, but with unique preference and priorities. So when a notification is sent to any customer regarding any random product if he is interested then he will click to see what is given inside or if not interested just will neglect. So for particular notification which is sent have to be followed to know about who are all interested in that product. Then those people have to be shortlisted for next notification regarding the same product for if any offers or anything. So like this by sending customized notifications can convert more leads into sales.

As a marketer, your journey does not ends there!

As a saas company, you’ve to always find ways to generate recurring revenue. This does not mean that you’ve to always be in the sale mode. Instead, focus on developing a genuine relationship with your customers that convince them to purchase your products or services.

Your former customers are the ones who’ll advocate your brand. Therefore, maintaining a healthy and genuine relationship with your existing customers can do a lot of good for your business. Start mapping out your marketing efforts with the help of this graphic. Look into the areas that require more attention.

Closing points

You’ve remembered only one thing, that this SaaS business marketing strategy journey is not something that will end as soon as you cross each milestone. So the exact point of sale or point of purchase might be some mystery but studying your customers over time can surely reap you great rewards.

You set the path according to customer likings and direct them in that way. This might be a fruitful formula will work for sure. It is something that keeps on growing with each progress you make. Calculate your NPS score after implementing all these strategies. This will help you understand your success and growth.

Try to keep records of all your achievements as well as failures, and track your performance with KPI’s. All this will help you achieve your goal – “Convert strangers into brand Advocates”.

All the best for your SAAS Marketing!

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