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When it comes to online business, people nowadays launch an E-commerce website. This is due to its rapid growth, low costs, innovation, and other added facilities. And, they miss out on the business opportunities and startup ideas for the classified website.

It is estimated that there are over 3 million E-commerce websites available online (excluding China). Among them, 1.3 Million sites are basically from North America (USA & Canada).

Where on the other hand, there are just 30% of Classified websites available in the market when compared to an E-commerce website. This eventually gives 70% of chance for entrepreneurs to start a Classified Website using Clone Scripts. But sadly, many miss out the business opportunities which could turn rust to a diamond with classified ads.

You might wonder why a classifieds website is better than launching an E-commerce website. Sit tight you will know yourselves at the end of this post.

First, let’s understand about Classified…

What are Classified Ads?

Classified ads are initially printed offline in the form of newspapers aligned with special categories. It helped anything to reach a wider range of audience through newspapers for a smaller fee than display ads.

As things evolved and the entire mankind incorporated technology into their daily lives, Classified ads also entered the internet space.

Many would say Mr.Craig Newmark is the founder of an online classified ads business with his website Craigslist in 1995.

From then until now, there have been many online classified websites launched and earned diamond hats to their business owners.

As I have explained enough about online classified websites in my previous blog, I would like to skip those topics. Find How to create Online Classified Business along with its History, Industry Leaders, Business Model, and Revenue Model.

Once you know the essentials for a classified website, you might be perplexed on what kind of classified business idea would best suit for a website.

If so, then you have got to read along. Here, you will find out the 10 best possible startup ideas for classified business.

Top 10 Business Ideas For Your Classified Website;

#1 Classifieds For Auction

I know the very first idea may sound crazy. But, it is possible when you really think through this. We all know that classified businesses are of listing and displaying ads for potential people.

Whereas auction business is showcasing products included with algorithms to limit the listing duration and bid them.

It is clear that both business models are different and requires more thought to start a classified business for auction.

Besides, the global online auction industry is said to grow at 7.2% CAGR between 2018 and 2022. Also, the habit of having fun while auctioning among users results in the industry to attract more visitors gradually.

Classifieds for Auction

Think for yourselves or just Google “Tophatter clone” to know how to start an auction website using a classified script.

Among the most startup ideas for classified business, Auctioning is more effective. Except, the critical part of developing a classified website for auction is the bidding algorithms. This needs to be completely taken care of by the development team you hire.

#2 Classifieds For Automobile

According to the automobile shoppers, 86 percent of them research online before they decide on buying an automobile product or service. This is more than enough to imagine startup ideas for classified with the automobile business model.

Yet, it may seem obscure when I say Classified for Automobile. Automobile industry might be quite big that it may involve many auto products and its services.

So, you may doubt whether it is possible to start an online automobile website using a clone or classified script. The answer is without any doubt, YES and it is much simpler than anyone may imagine.

The process of listing the automobile parts or services along with a buy and sell feature in a classified website will go a long way in attracting more users.

Classifieds for Automobile

To make this possible, you will be required with a powerful car classifieds script with customization capability. Also, you have to understand the business model of a car marketplace before you get started.

Remember, an automobile classified website which serves the users with native mobile apps will bring in more revenue to your business.

#3 Classifieds For Pets

If you are into pets, gadgets, and technology then you may find an online pet store more adorable. Online pet stores are proof of the endless improvement of technology.

An online pet store not only sells pets but also includes paradigms such as pet products like toys, collars, leashes, beds, etc. and services like pet walking, pet sitting, pet care, pet grooming, pet training, etc.

The major critical part involved in launching an online pet classified website is that integrating an option for shelters and rescues. Your website must merge the shelters and rescues from different locations for the user’s ease of finding pets.

It is estimated in a research done by Grand View Research, Inc. that the global pet care market is said to reach around $203 Billion US by 2025.

Classifieds For Pets

It is also estimated by Wakefield Research, that 69% of millennials are likely to use technology to keep track of their pets. Mobile apps are the major sources for millennials to this kind of startup ideas for classified.

Since the involvement of millennials in embracing the recent innovations in technology that are related to taking care of their pets includes automated feeders and pet cams. Find the nitty-gritty details involved in launching a pet classifieds website using a pet classifieds script.

#4 Classifieds For Jobs

We all know that Jobs are an endless searching industry which never fails at any cost. Jobs listing website is perhaps the easiest classified business idea to invest in.

The world of digital technology grows rapidly and it’s time now to leverage the same in recruiting industry. This could help many to find jobs in their own industries and this kind of website will be mutual to everyone.

It is very much possible and easy to begin a job listing website using a classified script as both are commonly a practice of listing site. So, it wouldn’t be a challenge to turn a classified script to a job listing website.

There are several types of job listing websites available such as general job site, job aggregator and job boards. Deciding on what kind of startup ideas for classified job business you need, is totally up to the proprietor of the business. Any type of job site is possible with a jobs classifieds script.

Classifieds For Job

There are many companies which develop job listing website without a classified script, but it would cost you much more than you anticipate. It is wise to start a job listing website using a classified script or a clone script of a leading job site.

Here you may find the procedure on how you can create, manage, and maintain a job listing website on your own, without any coding knowledge.

#5 Classifieds for Real Estate

If you have a passion for lands, homes, commercial industries, etc. then you are in luck because the Real Estate website using a classified script is a perfect startup idea for classified business.

With a best-classified script, you may easily launch any kind of real estate business such as Land, Residential, Commercial, or Industrial Real Estate website.

A Real Estate classifieds script or website brings revenue through options like listing, subscriptions, registrations, premium features, value-added services like mortgages and loans, etc.

The most critical part in an online real estate business is that integration of MLS data to your website. This must be carefully handled by a well-versed development team.

Classifieds for Real Estate

Even though the offline real estate is at its peak, the Grandview Research reveals that by 2025 the Real Estate Market Size is Worth $4,263.7 Billion.

Find and understand Real Estate with its types including the activity of Buyer, Seller, and Realtor using Real Estate Script. This blog also provides insights with Business model, Revenue Model, IDX integration and Fundamental features involved in Real Estate.

That’s 5 out of 10, the above-mentioned startup ideas for classified are just a hint which will provide successful results when implemented accordingly. Below you are going to look at some ideas with real-time business which are tested, developed and few on development process by few.

#6 Classifieds for Textiles

Perhaps if your existing business is in the background of Textile manufacturing or industrial, then this business idea is the best fit for you.

Imagine you own a website which lists all your textile works designs in an elegant arranged manner with buying options or a website which allows small scale textile owners to list their works and sell it to others.

When it comes to online textile business entrepreneurs have got two options such as conventional textiles and technical textiles.

Conventional textiles are primarily made for aesthetics and include clothing and decorative products. Whereas, Technical textiles are primarily for non-aesthetic purposes and include textiles for automotive applications, agrotextiles, medical textiles, geotextiles.

Classifieds for Textiles

First, decide on which type of textile business you need to launch. Then your entrepreneurial skills will almost take over you and your business will be selling to an extensive audience soon.

It is requested the readers to opt this startup idea for classified business only if you have a history in the textile business. Else, you have to first learn about the fabric materials and gain some experience on all cloth items. That way you may survive by launching a classifieds textile website.

#7 Classifieds for Fashion Products and Services

Fashion is by its nature an ever-changing industry. Believe me, When it comes to the Fashion industry the next though anyone will have is Fashion E-commerce. It’s getting older now and the classified fashion websites setting trend.

It’s just ordinary that business people launch fashion websites through E-commerce. But the fashion website can also be built by using the classified script.

A website which lists all the Fashion related products and services will definitely attract and benefit women so much in their day to day life.

It doesn’t mean fashion is just for women but also men, who would love to wear fashion accessories and gadgets that make them look cool, hot or sexy.

AI is already influencing the Fashion industry and it interpreted that it requires more R&D to completely rely on them. Opting Fashion products and services as startup ideas for classified business is splendid.

The worldwide revenue of the fashion and apparel industry report $481.2 Billion in 2018. It expects to raise around $712.9 billion by 2022. So, it is true that the fashion industry is ever changing and has more opportunities for entrepreneurs who are involved in building a Fashion website with a classified script.

#8 Classifieds for Kids Products and Services

The next startup ideas for classified we are gonna see is selling kids products and services. To survive with this business, the proprietor requires kindness and needs to be with kids for better understanding their persona. Kids product and services websites include every factor and fundamental which comes under the category of kids.

Think if you could remember your favorite childhood toys? or Do you have happy memories of games that you used to play as a kid? or Do you think kids’ perspectives are interesting and funny?

If you nodded or answered as YES to the above questions, then you are really capable of understanding the business idea which involves Kids product and services with a classified script.

Classifieds for Kids products and services

Things that you have to keep in mind while creating a website for Kids products and services are its User-experience and design. Attractive designs will bring in more mothers who purchase online for their kids.

Surf through a few websites like Toyrus, firstcry, intertek, or any other website which results in your search engine results page to gather more info about the website for kids products and services.

#9 Classifieds for Wigs

It may sound crazy but the truth is that the worldwide hair wigs and extension market is estimated beyond expectation. It reaches revenues of more than $10 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of approximately 9% during 2017-2023.

The demand in a supply of ultra-high-quality synthetic wigs and high-end and human-hair extensions across European region creates new opportunities for entrepreneurs in the global market.

Hair and Wigs industries are pretty much niche-focused with buyers present everywhere in the world. The whole industry is driven by the increased interest for hair care products among both men and women.Classifieds for WigsIt is absolutely possible to add wigs and hair as one of the categories of a Fashion product website. Yet with the revenue it brings in, it is inadmissible to just add as a category along with some other products or services. So, it is considered one of the best startup ideas for classified.

Build your online wig website on your own or hire someone to build it for you or go for a classified website script with customizations. Here is a sample wig website which is developed using a classified script.

#10 All in One Classifieds

This is simple as it says, this business idea is the origin of a classified ads business. In this, you will provide all the above businesses as categories under a single website.

It means it would take much effort and time to invest in to get a complete classified website. This website will earn visitors who search for any kind of products and services and are of general niche.

This kind of website architecture gets everyone connected under a single platform in one way or another. A classified website which avails products and services to their audience will never fail.

All in one Classifieds Website

By offering those products and services, you’ll be providing the solution to something everyone needs. It’s a great way to make sure that your business will remain relevant over the coming years.

Here, have a look at the real-time example of a classified website which provides products and services that are under any category.

To Sum up

Frankly, Classifieds are often underestimated as the clumsy cousins of E-commerce business. But it is not, in reality, they are ingeniously designed, developed, and crafted with refinement.

In general, classified websites create value for buyers by providing sellers with contact info and sellers with buyers worldwide. Also, the transaction which happens using classified website is offline.

Yet, if tweaked with features like instant chat or with an addon of a buy-sell feature. Your classified website would be unique and attract many.

Other than that, classified websites also provide engagement among users. It is by spending their time on the website to view their interest in the product.

Above mentioned business models are particularly best-suited for integrating those add-ons with additional innovative features. The only thing which matters here is the thought that you put on your project to get it well designed.

Many go for E-Commerce rather than Classified business. Those may wanna reconsider startup ideas for classified business and believe classifieds as a true ally for the businesses that need a captive and engaged audience.

Finally, It’s time for entrepreneurs, startups and upcoming business persons to rethink E-commerce and redefine Classified website to user-centric.

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