MultiVendor Clone Script

A Multi-Vendor Clone Script platform means an online marketplace where you can have different sellers register on your platform and sell their products, while you sit back relax and enjoy the commission.The Wanleo –  PHP Multi-Vendor Clone Script is the most robust e-commerce platform to create an online marketplace.

There are many PHP MultiVendor Clone Scripts to start your online storefront and out of them finding best for your online. E-commerce marketplace is quite a difficult thing. To simplify this thing for you, here are the few steps to setup a PHP MultiVendor Clone Script.

Steps to Follow:

  • Decide the Niche
  • Research on Competitors
  • Planning and Researching
  • Setting up your store
  • Promoting your store

Decide the Niche

Niches actually do not exist but are created by the needs wants and the requirements by the firms, and developing and delivering goods or services to satisfy their needs.

Niche Marketing is done to aim the big fish in a small pond instead of small fish in a big pond. To decide your niche you have to check the competition and market opportunity.

You have to look at the opportunity gap. Also, you have to understand the customer’s pain point and have to consider your experience.

Research on the Competitors

Understand the importance of the selected ideas before stepping into the market. An E-Commerce brand should understand the amount of competition they are about to face.It may happen that the same product idea may be difficult to compete in a certain country but easier in a different country.

Another important factor to consider is the competitors, if the competition of your product idea is tough, it will be better to rethink your strategy. Google Trend is the best tool to research on the search patterns of a particular area.

Planning and Researching

A Strategic Planning is most important to establish a new business by using the PHP Multi-Vendor Clone Script.It is Important to consider things like Investment model, sources of revenue, marketing strategy and more in the research phase before finalizing the marketing plans.

Surveys and Campaigns act as important sources to make a well-researched plan. Since it is essential for a business to know where its potential customers are, research and planning also crucial for in lead generation.

Setting Up Your Store

There are two ways to set up your store

Hire a developer who could develop your eCommerce website from scratch.

Find a Multivendor system which offers you a ready made PHP MulltiVendor Clone Script and custom solutions.

Promoting Your Store

Promoting a store is the key to the success cause by promoting your store you could get more visitors. The promoting could be done by blog or content submissions on Social Medias using Analytics. And also email marketing URL, videos, ppt submissions, and classifieds could be more useful for optimizing conversion and bringing data traffic.


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